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Giant user posted server list for Minecraft
Giant user posted server list for Minecraft

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This week's server of the week is

Give us some more suggestions here, on Twitter @MCSdotnet and our Facebook page!

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Try out this week's Server of the Week: MCWitherCraft!

Give us suggestions for next week's Server of the Week.

Give suggestions for a server of the week! Share a link to the server on

What have you been playing this holiday season? Any recommendations for fellow Minecrafters? 

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After some downtime today, we are back up and running! We are investigating the cause now.

Looking for something new but can't bother looking past the first few pages? Here's a random server!

After a possible DDOS attack last night, we are back to normal, and votes have just reset, so get voting!

Post has attachment is now on Google+! Put us in your circles to keep up-to-date!
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