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Keith Frankish
English philosopher and writer, currently living in Crete.
English philosopher and writer, currently living in Crete.


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A new poem: The Flight.

We’re on a flight, that’s all we really know. We sit in rows along a narrow cabin, Attended by a crew of smiling stewards, Who bring us food and water, sell us gifts, And warn us what to do if we should crash. Arm to arm, we breathe each other’s breath,…

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New poem: The things you think you've left behind

The things you think you’ve left behind Are really out in front, And things you fear lie ahead You never will confront. For people pick up things we’ve lost And hand them in, you see, And our past deeds come back to us Like mislaid property. The shapes we…

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Mansplaining (A toilet triolet) (2015)

The porcelain is not colder than the seat. You’re wrong to think that you can judge by touch. It’s just a better cooler. To repeat: The porcelain is not colder than the seat. You’re confusing conductivity with heat. Your physics teacher can’t have taught…

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Another poem, this time a lavatorial jeu d'esprit. Mind and Body

The motions of the writer’s mind Are like those of the gut: We feel at first an urgent call To be alone and shut Ourselves away from other’s eyes, While we in solitude Commune with inner gripes and make Some noises that are rude; There’s a waiting for the…

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The Death of the Suicide Bomber

(After Randall Jarrell) I played video games till I fell into an angry sleep, Then I lapped myself in certainty and let them teach me hate. Transformed into a part in God’s machine of cruel love, I woke when the sound went dead and the world shrank. They…

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Support Analytic Philosophy in the Ukraine! (Please share widely.)

Dr Andriy Synytsya and colleagues from the Department of Philosophy, Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, Ukraine, have recently compiled and translated a 374-page Anthology of Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, with the aim of promoting the study of Western philosophy in their country.

Andriy and his colleagues have already completed all the translating and editing work, donating their time without payment. Contributors and publishers have allowed the articles to be reprinted without a fee.

However, a sum of $700 is needed to print the volume and distribute it to students. As I’m sure you know, Ukraine is currently going through an extremely difficult period, and there is no money to support educational projects like this.

Andriy has a started a Fundly campaign to raise the money needed. If you think this is a worthy project and would like to support philosophy in this troubled country, please make a donation and share this link.

For more information about the book and its contents, and to make a donation, please follow this link below.

[Full disclosure: Andriy asked to include a paper of mine in the volume, which is how I know about the project.] 

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The SEEH kids recruit new students at the park!
The European School of Heraklion teaches children many skills, including that of not taking themselves too seriously. Most of all, it teaches them to accept themselves and everyone else. A short film by Eirini Linardaki and Maria Kasmirli.

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The School of European Education in Heraklion (SEEH) is a multi-lingual, non-denominational state school following the curriculum of the European Schools network but funded by the Greek government. It is the only European school in Greece and the only inter...

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Joanna Lumley supports the SEEH
Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS is a well-known English actress, author, and TV presenter, who is also known for her charity work and activism. In 2011 she visited Greece for a four-part television series titled Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey . Knowing Ms Lumley's af...
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