Curious that the Wired article by +Rebecca MacKinnon on Internet freedom and the SOPA smackdown and all appears to be available on Wired UK but not Wired in the US... Maybe it's just that the publishing calendars are out of sync? :)
This is why we're here

The Internet Freedom Movement was established to protest the creeping advance of a #surveillance society funded by our tax monies for the enrichment of the military-industrial complexes of our nations.

The continuing backlash against the global erosion of our civil and digital rights has resulted in a global solution via global activism.

We must not let down our guard

Activists in the United States killed the Stop Online Piracy Act, which would have imposed censorship on website operators in the name of protecting copyright. Protests against internet censorship and surveillance are mounting around the globe. The next step is to get more innovative and organised in demanding our digital rights and liberties.

Protests from people all over the world via online petitions and comments on the social media networks helped too. They are an incredibly powerful tool and in an election year popularity on social networks is integral to the candidates' success. This is why they have accounts here, on Twitter, and on Facebook. It's where we go to chat to our friends and they want us to be their friends and followers too.

We must maintain momentum

On the net we have yet to fully exploit our power as customers and users — letting firms know through co-ordinated global action that there will be consequences if they fail to heed our concerns.

Lobbying by special interest groups frighten our governments with exaggerated scenarios of impending doom then offer to sell them solutions: extend IP rights and increase surveillance on their own populations, but our representatives are in power because we the people voted them into office. And we can vote them out again.

We have to remind them

The only legitimate purpose of government and technology is to serve people — not the other way around.

The Internet Freedom Movement is dedicated to the ongoing struggle for digital rights for everybody. We need can't do it alone and need your help. Sharing our posts brings them to the attention of people who have circled you. +1s make them more popular. To date, nearly eleven and a half thousand people have circled us. That's a lot of reach, but we need more. If you haven't yet circled the Internet Freedom Movement, do it today, and be sure to share our posts when they come up in your stream.

As a popular retailer's slogan goes, "Every little helps."

Read + Share + Spread the word = Encourage more people to join the fight for our digital rights. Activism works.
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