How to beard the lion in his den -- pitching VCs to clone G+, via G+

So, this is the pitch I used for the first contact I pitched. I sent out several, each varied a bit according to how I knew them, if they were with a VC or angel network, what our relationship were, if they were a money or geek person, and so on -- but feel free to crib and reuse.


Hey, <insert name here>! I've been involved in trying to get Google's head out of some orifice, about the pseudonym issue, and today I figured out that I need to stop -- because there are probably some millions of users already here, aching to be off of Facebook, wishing G+ was the answer, and hating them for not getting the whole internet culture thing, knowing that they'd be segmenting their networks if everyone they knew had to socialize under their wallet name.

Seems to me that there is a huge ready made market opportunity for a G+ clone if it were to get financed and produced in a way that something could get thrown together as a beta quickly. Diaspora won't scale, I think it would have to be a commercial, centralized social network in order to have virtual currency for games. It's possible someone like Viximo or a currency group could bud it or someone could assemble something.

I have trust in the "nym" community here and experience with social games/community management/marketing. You have a lot of connections in places that can manifest projects fast. Interested? Know someone who might have fun with it, if not?


Obviously depending on how well you know someone and so on you may want to be more formal. ;) But I really think we could put something good together here. Just if you find some money, think it's a good idea, pull me in. I'd love to work somewhere in community management/marketing sort of area. Maybe evangelist. Maybe go bother the guys in security every so often. (Yeah, I know I have a weird skill set, this is why I only get gigs through friends)
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