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Midterms baby. EVERY HOUSE SEAT up for re-election. 33 Senate seats.

Why aren't we out there now? Every one of those "red states" was at least 30% blue as of election day last Nov.

Now, the GOP are still 88%ish approval for Trump, but even in those "red states" they are not a majority. The swing voters in those states tend to swing red.

But the swing voters have been tanking on Trump approval. The Dem/liberal voters are running single digit percentage approval, DUH.

So we need to stop calling the heartland "flyover" states, and start calling them our new friends. OK, folks?

Remember, California went 1:3 to Trump, and the California popular vote for Trump makes SEVEN red states.

Democrats would have a harder job in California for the midterms in the Central Valley and San Diego and OC and such than we would ever have in most of what you think of as red in "winner takes all" weirdness in the electoral college in places where if Dems can just deliver one or two programs where Trump is screwing the workers and small biz in these states where he doesn't understand or care about displaced workers and industries or the opiate crisis or any of this stuff?

Deliver to the heartland, and we have votes to impeach.

So frame it in those terms, and go to these websites and find out what you can do. Money? Organizing? Volunteering? What's the next thing?
Stay on target! Find your closest House swing district!
h/t +John Wehrle
Elect a Democratic House for the mid terms!
Elect a Democratic Senate for the mid terms!

Throw the GOP out of Congress.

Get Democratic leadership in.

Get us a Democratic Speaker of the House, and send Ryan to the back of the chamber.

Bring impeachment charges against Trump out of the Judiciary Committees, and face this crisis down.

Teach Trump what it really means to confront the Constitutional process in all her glory and strength.

She is not "bad" for this country. She is our mother and our foundation, and our birthright and protector.

We only need to call on her. Who knew that labor could be so hard, heh? Only every mother in this nation. Only every person who could read, who'd ever learned civics, who'd cared enough to read the most sober and solemn responsibility roster in the world before they seized her by dumb force.

But we can rendezvous with our self-healing, self-rescuing democracy -- she is waiting for us with the sheltered child of our nation in her arms -- and when we meet her we shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

We are a robust nation, with the most amazing Constitution in the democratic world, and it takes more than a braying cockatiel to set us back. Two years is a tiny sliver of our 240 years of resiliance.

We are the geeks of America. Jack Kennedy called us to go to the moon, and we did it.

I am calling you to send one sad clown back to New York. It's a smaller task, and we have two years, not ten. Hand him a pair of ruby slippers and send him back to Rudy. We've had enough llama-drama, we want a government.

To borrow on our absent friend from the UK, let's look him in the funny face and say, “Listen, Agent Orange, don't you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal.”

We can open source DC and civics in two years, and leave it open for the next presidential cycle so this never happens again.

I was the founding executive director of Tor, and a Democratic State Committee Woman, and the original PR geek for FSF among other chits, and my dad worked night security for MLK/SCLC's summer marches in the 60s. I got ideas. You don't like them, throw your own into the mix, and we can see all of them. But we can open this up.

Jack Kennedy aside? It's not rocket science.

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Idiots who can't exercise discipline are why we can't have nice things
end up leading to entrapment via social engineering

Poor Weiner. Looks like the girl who was 15 and an ardent Hillary fan was 17 (age of consent in NC) and a pretty solid Trumpette, quite likely recruited to entrap him. Sucks to be a sext addict. Dude, your therapy bill would have had to be cheaper than the nation's this year...

Everyone who says, "This is why Clinton lost...?" There are so many reasons. The main reason Clinton lost seems to be that everyone thought she was the bitch from hell and she wasn't. She wasn't nearly paranoid enough.

Trump was. Both paranoid and the bitch from hell. Who knew being on the rag as president could be this hard for a hundred some days on end?

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Secretary DeVos turned her back on the graduates first
commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University flunks

Betsy DeVos has been defended by a good deal of the conservative press, since she was invited to give the commencement speech at an historically black college, and during the speech, she was boo'd and many of the graduating students turned their backs to her.

I went to find the transcript of her speech, and it flunks.

Here's the most offensive passage, where she demonstrates her lack of reading comprehension regarding the last will and testament of the black woman, a daughter of slaves, who founded the institution:

Later today I will have the honor of visiting Dr. Bethune’s home and paying my respects at her gravesite. I am moved by words in her last will and testament, where Dr. Bethune described what she hoped her legacy would be.
The beautifully written testament cited love, hope and a thirst for education as the ideals she wanted people to embrace in her memory. She concluded with a section titled ‘A Responsibility to our Young People,’ and made clear her unshakeable belief that the world’s fate belonged to the youth she dedicated her entire life to serving. In it, she wrote:
“Our children must never lose their zeal for building a better world. They must not be discouraged from aspiring toward greatness, for they are to be the leaders of tomorrow. Nor must they forget that the masses of our people are still underprivileged, ill-housed, impoverished and victimized by discrimination. We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.” [my emphasis]
I note three core themes in her words:
First: aim high, aspire to greatness. Dr. Bethune believed, without wavering, that your potential is limitless.
Second: take responsibility for your families and your communities and never tolerate inequality or injustice.
Third: proceed with courage to change old ideas that hold others back.

Now, it's possible that in her second point, when she says, "never tolerate inequality or injustice," she actually understood the passage that I emphasized.

But this is the woman who is cutting work study programs, service profession loan forgiveness programs, and a whole raft of programs meant to help those who have suffered inequality or injustice. White, black, or magenta, it doesn't matter -- these programs help all disadvantaged people, including those who have no opportunities to go to college, who get young talented people to come aid their communities who would otherwise have to take higher paying jobs outside of poor communities.

The college she was addressing has a special emphasis on returning to these disadvantaged communities to do service work, so this is a particularly poignant issue for this class of graduates. For many of them, their future plans are going to be re-programmed by her and Trump's plans to "get government out of education."

So it might occur to her, that these students, by cat-calling and turning their backs to her, were exactly following her address.

To never tolerate injustice.
To proceed with courage to change old ideas that hold others back.

Shame, Secretary DeVos, for crippling a generation of service.

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From Quora: Like Comey isn't in enough trouble
I was pretty amused by the phrasing of this question

Someone was handed a prebaked PDF of stories from 2005 and somehow concluded that Comey had leaked the Stellar Wind story to the +The New York Times.

And then asked why people were surprised when Snowden revealed the program in 2013.

So I told them, it's because people don't read the news very carefully. ;)

And a bunch of the other usual stuff.

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Curious about Robert Mueller?
read this.

You've probably read that Mueller was proposed for a two year extension past his ten year appointment -- a very extraordinary request. Here's what +TIME wrote in a special profile of him for the occasion.

Their spin on the re-authorization of Stellar Wind (2nd page) is far more charitable than I would be, so I'd take it with a certain amount of salt. I have never bought the argument that it was hugely noble to go to Ashcroft's sickbed to re-authorize this pre-PRISM domestic surveillance so it would be legal -- and then to say that this was a blow for civil liberties? This is the exact claim that is made. FFS, people...

So hold that in mind as you peruse this profile in courage, lol, but run through it anyway, and think, "What is real and what is being sold to the journalist?" It's a good exercise.,9171,2068082-1,00.html

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This made me ROFLMAO

h/t +J Stone

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Oh I love this story!
This is a sweet and inspirational story of the power of love and determination.

Once she got hold of her passport, the two headed for Turkey, where Meg had found an ingenious way to reach Canada. Meg put a mortgage on her house in Canada and bought a sailing boat. During the two-month-stay allowed by their visa, Elena took sailing lessons and Meg prepared the boat for offshore sailing. Two months later, they were sailing in the open sea. 

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From Quora: What is the relationship between Russia and Central Asia?
Who needs sleep?

OK, I didn't write a book. But it is nearly 3000 words.

And don't even think about telling me tl;dr, lol...

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How to avoid ever having a white nationalist/supremacist president ever again
A modest proposal

The hell with the tax returns.

I want to look at Trump's DNA.

Maybe we should give him a choice? :)

If we never want a white nationalist/supremacist president ever again, we need a reliable, clinical, scientific sample taken and analyzed of every candidate's DNA. And if they have any African ancestry --

In South Carolina, 13% of self-identified whites have a percentage of black ancestry. That's more than one in eight. The linked map, from the later linked article, gives comprehensive data as we know it.

If this indicates white genocide, let me tell you something -- the whites did it to themselves, and are still doing it to blacks. You know where those babies came from during slavery -- it was through women like Thomas Jefferson's slave, Sally Hemings, with whom he had six children.

In fact, such relationships were far more common, and even accepted, among free persons -- which necessitated miscegenation laws among those whites obsessed with racial purity which many (particularly those Hispanic and French roots) were not.

(if you can't tell this proposal for DNA sampling is snark you're impaired. I'm a privacy advocate.)

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The kangaroo court is in Sessions

Remember the nonprofit lawyers who saved people from detention and deportation before the first reversal of the Muslim Ban, camping out in airports, sleepless?

Sessions is using "ambulance chaser" laws to punish them.

Don't let this go unnoticed.

Check out @Ali_Gharib's Tweet:
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