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My son could use a boost

So, Joseph bought me a new desktop...and then he moved.

And for those of you who could spare it, he has set up a PayPal pool to see if he can get back some of the cost of the PC, because now he is needing more than he thought after moving, and thought people might like to pitch in.

For those of you who do one shots, rather than Patreon (and I am stunned I didn't lose any Patreon, but TBH, I am not sure how much less I'm writing, although I've let myself off the hook of feeling guilty if I don't post twice a day) this might be a good target for your generosity?

Thanks from us both!
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From Quora: Why weren't Reagan and Carter friends?

I have a few ideas.

I'm also added "questions that contain assumptions" to the tags. That's probably a little spiteful.
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Conspiracy mongers exploit traumatized rape victim for false Mueller rape report
this is really sick

It's really pretty obvious reading between the lines that this woman is vulnerable and was a safe person for the two to have taken advantage of to attack Mueller.
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How upward mobility died in the US and was reborn in China

Worth burning a firewall chit to read.

The American Dream Is Alive. In China.
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+Facebook cribs from Russian information warfare playbook

OK, I'm seriously impressed. When do they run out of deniability?
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Seth Moulton challenges Pelosi

Mind you, I really wish Pelosi would pass the torch to someone younger, you know, like my age. She's old enough to be my mom and I'm 60. We should be party building that way too.

But, this is really a distraction:

Early this week Moulton tweets:
We need to replace Pelosi! The people have spoken!
-- people: The hell we have! #teampelosi
-- people: who are these white guys talking about kicking out nancy?

Next day:
My first and best mentor, head of the black caucus, a black female type person, is who I think should challenge Pelosi, Rep Budge
-- a lot of people: <side eye>

Article appears in Rolling Stone, interviewing Seth who only talks about Budge
same day Seth RTs:
-- I don't know why everyone is saying this stuff from Seth is sexist. Budge and I are women, aren't we? -- another congresswoman who says she's running against Pelosi

Um. This is sounding really kind of highly improvisational on Seth's part...

If I were still in Salem MA (Seth's district) I would tell him he should concentrate on committee assignments and drop this. This is not a good look for him.

Also, I looked at his vet/leadership PAC, and the spending profile looks peculiar, anyone else got opinions? +John Jainschigg?

It seems really heavy on salaries and travel, and light on contributions and media for a campaign support leadership PAC. Not my central expertise, but it seems...odd.

He is bragging all over the place about how he supported more than half of the candidates that went on to flip the house, but $500 to $5000 is not necessarily a lot in a lot of these races.

I like Seth, traditionally, but...this is all looking kind of skeezy at the moment.
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From Quora: What will Trump do differently now that the Dems have taken the House?

In which I wrap up a couple things I've said here already really.
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From Quora: What is your saddest D&D story?

There are some amazing answers here.
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