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Anyone else here listen to the Adventure Zone? Recently Griffin McElroy talked about doing further installments of the podcast using PbtA games. I for one am super stoked 

So I've played in a Wicked Age a few times with the same Gm and co host Steve. I guess we either glossed over it or flat out didn't do it , but how was the "trial like" aspect of it supposed to play out ? Were We supposed roll dice , look at the outcome and the make a plea to the GM to adjudicate the outcome ? Because that would have been much better than what happened with my game of straight dice rolls against each other even when they don't make narrative sense (player "I have fire hands and I sneak up on the camp at dark" me "but you have fire hands " player "uh....its invisible fire " me " :-/" ) 

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I'm just going to leave this here

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You should discuss this....and by discuss I mean tear this guy a new asshole 
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