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Better late than never--I'm working toward a Masters and I'm over 40. I'm either brilliant or insane depending on how you look at it!
Better late than never--I'm working toward a Masters and I'm over 40. I'm either brilliant or insane depending on how you look at it!

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Seriously, why is a single parent asking for food stamps "bad welfare" but a church that opposes gay rights, birth control, and abortion asking for federal funds to rebuild their uninsured building after Hurricane Sandy is okay???  Our national debt debate has prevented people left HOMELESS from getting the help that they need.  How dare the churches have their hands out!

All politics aside, I really DO have to get rid of the FB my message board is full of busy bodies who insist that letting an 11 year old study Algebra and Chemistry and read real literature instead of the "Left Behind" series is child abuse!   Apparently raising a socially conscious, intelligent, inquisitive child is such a threat to the Bible belt that I'm considered the equivalent of Lindsey Lohan's mother.  It totally makes sense that insuring my child lives up to his academic potential is the same as being a Hollywood stage mother who goes out partying with her child!  Shame on me!

So, I have this group of friends and acquaintances on FB, some of whom I have known for decades.  Some of them are people that I have met on social media and who I communicate with because we are all parents of children who are "special."  I do not mean that they are disabled, I mean that they are academically gifted, in many cases far beyond their chronological age.  Some of us in the group are adults with Asperger's Syndrome, who are now dealing with children who also have Asperger's.  We coordinate and communicate to make sure our children receive the advanced academics that they deserve, without being labeled as "Autistic Spectrum Disorder" at public schools and without having to deal with the excessive bullying that so many AS students have to deal with.  (For a good, if exaggerated, idea of what a child with AS is like, observe Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.  That character is an example of AS:  socially awkward with all but able to get along with a lmited number of people, highly intelligent, and typically suffering from a few obsessive-compulsive disorders, which is why before Asperger's became widely known, AS students were typically labeled as "above average intelligence and suffering from bipolar disorder.")

As with most people with AS, my son has a small group of friends, but will always be considered odd by most peers his own age.  He's interested in things far above his grade level, and bored with things that are considered age appropriate. 

So, now we are testing him for skipping a few grades.  Studies show that students with very high academic skills do better socially in a class with older students.  My hope is that we get it on the record that he gets to legally skip these grades without the school system insisting upon putting the AS diagnosis in his official record where it will follow him for the rest of his life, and without insisting on him taking medications or therapy that are not proven to be helpful with AS at all, but seem to be the capstone of public education in Arkansas.

So, in discussing this with my friends, I was stupid and allowed the conversation to follow me onto my main wall.  This of course left the discussion open to people that really should not have been involved in the discussion at all...including a public school teacher who accused ME of being a pushy, bullying parent who is "making the kid weird" rather than understanding that I do not push at all, and that I have waited for years to accelerate him in the hope that he would get better at dealing with "normal" kids his own age and it simply has led to a child who is frequently depressed and completely unmotivated at school.  What is really truly sad though, is that this person is supposed to be a teacher who SPECIALIZES in gifted and talented children.  I surprised that there aren't students in her school feeling suicidal if her answer to academically gifted students is to insist that they shoe-horn into the existing grade and "try not to be weird" rather than trying to adapt the situation to the child's needs!

So, one of my few high school buddies that I still communicate goes with her wife to buy a car in Erie, PA this afternoon.  Her wife has picked out just the car she wants and already is half way to making a deal, when Tab shows up.  The sales guy, who's apparently in his mid-60's starts talking POLITICS, like that is a good conversation for a conservative sales person to have with a someone he wants to sell a car to.  Then, just as Tab is ready to lose her patience, he asks, "So are you two liberals of conservatives."  Tab replies, "We're LESBIANS."  LOL  Then she goes on to tell him that he needs to retire if he can't find any people skills to apply to his job....This is the sort of thing I LOVE about Tab and Jessica, they are so out that they simply refuse to take any bullshit from anyone.

"Hence the ways of men part: if you wish to strive for peace of soul and pleasure, then believe; if you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire..." --Nietzche

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There is a reason Florida is the only state with it's own tag on  Just when you think that the gay-bashing element in this country has reached the end of it's stupidity, Florida has to find a new, creative way to prove it's stupidity. 

Bragging moment:  My son (aged 11) and I were discussing social issues again.  He was observing the unfair nature of the foster care system.  We talked about states that will place a kid with a family of drunken red-necks who are in it for the money before placing the kid with a family of another race or with a stable gay or lesbian couple.  To which he said, "Those drunk people aren't straight.  Being drunk all the time would make them rather bendy.  The state should give the kids to the gay couple instead."  Such wisdom in a child so young!

I challenge the voters in Virginia to end our long national nightmare...rather than re-electing that anti-women corporate whore Eric Cantor at the mid-terms...draft his wife, Diane Fine, to serve instead!  We might forgive you all for saddling us with Cantor, eventually.

I believe in the value of public education.  I realize that the schools are rarely ideal for all students, but most of the time, the benefits, such as socialization, out-way irritating issues like lack of class enrichment for advanced students.  I have, however, been disturbed by recent suggestions in Arkansas that teachers should carry guns or that intelligent design should be offered as an alternative theory in science class.  Even though I get irritated by the occasional hymn in music class or prayer before the school play, I usually let it slide because I find those occurrences to be good triggers to speak with my son about his civil rights.  However, I think I've finally reached my limit with this school district as of today.

My son had a terrible allergic reactions that caused a latent asthma issue to resurface today.  Due to the severity of the reaction and the fact that we do not know yet exactly what caused the attack, my doctor says that he needs to carry his rescue inhaler and epi-pen with him at all times.  Despite the doctor's orders and reassurances that my son knows when and how to use these tools (he's 11, but he's very smart and responsible,) as well as offers to give the teacher and staff education about the condition and what to do if he is needs help, the school insists that he must turn the epi-pen and inhaler in to the nurse's station, at the other end of the building each morning, and remember to pick them up each evening.  Their plan is that IF he has an attack, he be dismissed from class, and walk himself to the nurse's station (they said the teacher "might" allow another student to go with him, but not an adult,) hope she is there (because she works in another school as well and is sometimes out,) and THEN if she is not there so that he can obtain access to his medication, he has to go all the way back to the other side of the school to get the principle to retrieve this medicine, assuming SHE is available.  This could take minutes during which he will not be able to breathe and may lose consciousness!!! 

The solution is not acceptable.  They could literally kill my kid with this damn zero-tolerance policy.  My only options if they do not relent are to remove him and homeschool him, OR sue them to make them allow him to have access in class!  I guess they think he'll be getting the other kids in his class high off of an inhaler and an epi-pen....the morons.  Needless to say, I will be going to the meeting with them about this issue tomorrow with my "Notice of Intent" paperwork to withdraw him in my hand!
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