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Hey Guys, I have a rule inquiry.

So on page 47, in the Armor section the books says: "Actually hitting the vehicle is automatic if the vehicle is stationary and within 30 feet." - Until this point I've never seen the bookn use feet as reference, prefering to use meters. Is this a typo or is this a concious decision? I just don't see a reason to switch from one to another.


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I have created a sub-Reddit for other dust, which y'all can join!

Hello once again!

I currently run a campaign of Other Dust. Our first session just happened in which my players and I created the world. If you are interested, we have decided to make a Greece setting around the Sparta region, which froze over and became a snow ridden wasteland.

Now, the reason I'm writing in here is that I'm not quite grasping the difference between groups and enclaves. Are there any? Do we just combine the two together and write them on the same sheet? What about roaming groups? I did not manage to find a separate sheet for groups so I assume they all should have enclaves? Any help would be appreciated :)

Additionally, if you guys want I can keep a campaign diary and also post the lore we created on the first session.

Thank you in advance,

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