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Karen E Turner
I love my job.
I love my job.

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TSDS ECDS (Early Childhood Data System) Update
Just wanted to keep all my wonderful people in the loop. There have been no trainings at the ESC for you guys yet! Summer PEIMS must be uploaded into the eDM before we can upload our ECDS exchanges. I will be having webinars and face to face trainings at th...

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ECDS Update - February 16, 2017
ECDS ECDS Kindergarten Collection The prepare funcionality for the Kindergarten collection is now enabled. Pleaase be sure that your district has loaded their PEIMS Summer data and TSDS Kinder Assessment data into the ODS before running the prepare function...

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Known Issues Report
PEIMS - TBD PDM2-100-001 Actual Expenditures by Function Inactive campuses are displaying on the report, lhowever there is no data is being reported for these campuses. LEAs are not receiving an email notification when their submission is accepted by the ES...

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Known Issues Report As Of January 30, 2017
Validation Tool The Validation Tool is incorrectly validating the following data elements in the Summer PEIMS Master Schedule Interchange: E1558 STUDENT-INSTRUCTION E1555 PK-SCHOOL-TYPE The eDM is not affected by this issue and will validate correctly  when...

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TSDS Update January 10, 2017
ECDS I will be going to trainings this month and will turn those around as soon as I can. I will be holding trainings and webcasts. The 2016-2017 ECDS Conversion and Validation Tool is available on the TSDS/TEAL site under Support. Please download versions ...

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TSDS Update January 6, 2017
PEIMS Known Issues PDM1-124-002 Dropout Roster When running the report by individually selecting each campus, the report returns "No Data to Report" even when there is data. The work around is to select the "All Campuses" Parameter.  TBD TSDS Software Relea...

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TSDS Update December 12, 2016
PEIMS  - TBD PDM1-610-001 Daily LEA Person Submission Totals (Student Discrepancies) Shows a count of Minor/Major discrepancies but the staff are not on the PDM1-610-002 Report. This will be addressed as an enhancement. UID  - TBD Lower case race codes are ...

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December 2, 2016 TSDS Update
TSDS PEIMS Validation Rules The following rule was corrected and is now performating as expected:         30040-0039 TSDS PEIMS Reports The following PEIMS report has been updated to resolve an issue where the report displays "No data to report" for the 201...

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TSDS Update November 10, 2016
Known Issues Release date: 11/18/2016 PEIMS - PDM1-111-003 Class Size by Staff & Service ID                Report is not displaying all data as expected. Release Date: 2/3/2017 PEIMS - The following edit rule is firing incorrectly for professional staff wit...

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ECDS Update
I know you have been patiently waiting for information. Well
------we have to be patient a little longer. I attended a webinar yesterday and
will try to sum up what I learned.     November
18, 2016 - TSDS Conversion & Validation Tool Update    January
17, 2...
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