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Moneyball is an important book. Mostly not for baseball people, but for business and public-policy people.

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What's the thinking on Identified? I tried it and the gaming aspect was okay (initially there are clear steps, then all hell breaks loose). But the point beyond that is a bit opaque. Is opaqueness part of virality for some obscure (to me) reason?

Is this the future of social? "I try not to over complicate things and pretty much everything I post on Google+ is public. Everything on Twitter is public. On Facebook only friends can see what I post."

Roger Scoble wrote today that "More and more of my life will be possible to complete just from a browser." When I was listening to Al Gore he mentioned Ray Kurzweil's idea of virtualized humans being the solution to energy shortages. That used to seem like an interesting future. Now it also seems like a description of a seduction or even an addiction. When I look back at the last year, I don't think that often of the memorable experiences I've had using my browser. Which reminds me: time to practice guitar.
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