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It is about three years since I ditched my notebook and pen in favour of a laptop when making tasting notes. I found few activities to be as tedious as typing up handwritten notes; just deciphering what I scribbled was a challenge, the process of typing up itself very time consuming, and by the time I finished I had no energy to write anything original. The effect of typing as I tasted was nothing short of miraculous.

It was at Pichon-Lalande that the inevitable happened. I drew up a seat, opened the laptop, and made a move for the first 2011 barrel sample, before returning to my seat. I placed the glass down, followed by my camera. Somehow I fumbled the camera strap, thinking back I'm not sure how or why. But the result was the camera - or was it the strap itself - made contact with the glass. Time slowed a little at this point. Sadly, so did my reactions.
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