Well I attended my first +AMD & +HardOCP event and I was really impressed by the quality and quantity of content provided. Workshops to attend the entire day, contests and giveaways being held all day, high end gaming products by top name brands such as AMD, +ASUS, +MAINGEAR, +GIGABYTE, +Corsair and many more made the event really come together.

We drove up last night, spent the night and were ready to go first thing this morning and by the time the doors opened there was a huge line of patient gamers waiting to be let inside! The interior was dim but you could still see all of the vendor tables quite nicely. The food provided on site was good and inexpensive. The two massive 60' Eyefinity displays were really incredible and I think my 14 year old had a great time checking out the games.

This event is something I will definately add to my list of things in Texas I cannot pass up, thanks again to +Kyle Bennett for bringing this vision to life and encouraging its continued growth!
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