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Just found one of my old flip cases of cds and games. One of the better denizens of that case. 
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You should try the iPad/iPhone app :-)
It's one a' them new fangled CD things...  :D
I think most games by 94 were on cd, but I could be delusional.

+Gerald Oakham I've thought about it, but haven't pulled the trigger. 
+Sean Riley I just don't remember if I got Doom 2 on CD or 3.5" floppy. I know we had the Win95 pre-release on 11 floppies, but bought it on CD.
I still have MYST on CD somewhere...
+Eric Hansen Gotcha, the last game I remember buying on floppy was Alone in the Dark which must have been '92 or '93 and was at least 8 floppies.
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