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I find this really hard to believe as Android users have consistently topped iPhone users for data usage in every study I have seen previously.

What do you think? Shenanigans or are iPhone users suddenly gobbling up more data?
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I'd say it's easy to believe. iPhone revolutionized the market, but people are quickly moving to Android since it's been innovating a lot more than iOS lately. The more your phone can do, the more you'll use it.
+Andrew Banchich That's the problem with this though. If this finding were from 2009 it would make perfect sense to me, but since 2010 most studies have pegged Android users as consuming more data. Now would seem like an odd time for that to flip back.
+Ron Roberts Absolutely, that typically seems to be what they attribute the higher data usage to. Android apps are far more likely to keep running/pinging in the background and thus eat up more data (and battery life unfortunately).
+Sean Riley With Android 2.1 and later, running apps in the background is managed extremely well by the OS, and isn't like background processes in Windows at all, so unless the apps aren't coded well they actually don't use up a lot of battery or processing power. That's why everyone says you should never use a task killer, because it messes up the OS in a lot of ways, and the task killer itself is what actually uses up the processing power.
Isn't Siri on the iPhone 4s a major data hog?
+Ben Folsom Android has had Voice Actions for years already, and has had voice dictation for far longer, so I wouldn't attribute it to Siri.
Do the Android voice actions go over the network?
To be fair it would still explain a spike in iPhone 4S users data consumption, just not why they would suddenly eclipse the Android users.
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