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The Project Glass Story
Google's ambitious project so far and some potential concerns I have for this upcoming generation of wearables.
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Mark Ng
I'm skeptical about glass simply because head mounted peripherals have always seemed too clunky and intrusive for the average user. I for one like the level of disconnect I have between my mobile device. As a power user, I don't even know if I'd want something on my head and in my line of sight at all times.
Assuming the weights ok, I dont see how its worse fundamentally then regular glasses - if its distracting I think it will be more the software at fault.
+Mark Ng That's what I can't quite reconcile, I like Brin's vision for the product but I just don't know that it can be what he wants in practice.

+Thomas Wrobel I played with the Vuzix M100 at CES for awhile and even after a few minutes I started to not see the hardware so I don't think that's going to be the problem. The software is a much bigger hurdle.
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