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2017 #YayYA Entries
Here are all the June 2017 #YayYA entries in one location! For a refresher on the rules, click here! Entries: Entry #1 The Yellow Girl Entry #2 The Palace of Revenge Entry #3 Reign of Thorns Entry #4 Six Easy Steps to Becoming an Oracle Entry #5 I'm Sorry f...

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2017 #YayYA BONUS Entry #25: Within and Without
Name: Deborah Maroulis (@yaddathree) Genre: Contemporary WITHIN AND WITHOUT 35 Pitch: Sixteen year-old Wren ignores her feelings for the Greek farm hand and dates her long-time crush. But when he takes things too far, she must decide if the illusion of love...

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2017 #YayYA BONUS Entry #24: Can't Go Back to Yesterday
Maria Stout Genre: YA Fantasy Title: Can't Go Back To Yesterday 35-word pitch: Goonies meets National Treasure when a teen and a librarian join forces with a sarcastic gremlin to decipher the clues and solve the mystery of the disappearance of his clan. Fir...

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2017 #YayYA BONUS Entry #23: The Witch and the Demon
Name: Katherine Toran (@bookgirl_kt) Genre: Fantasy Title: The Witch and the Demon 35-word pitch:   Fleeing a witch hunt, Aspie Ebba surrenders her heart to a dying demon, becoming embroiled in a deathmatch to stop a demonic invasion. Whacking him with a se...

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2017 #YayYA BONUS Entry #22: The Blood of Runes
Name: Danielle Simonelli ( @dmsimone99) Genre: Historical Fantasy Title: The Blood of Runes Pitch:  In 9th century Scotland, a 16-year-old Viking girl must rescue her brother from a vengeful Norse witch by stealing an enchanted raven banner and using ancien...

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2017 #YayYA BONUS Entry #21: The Life You Stole
Name: Maria Mainero @mariaannawitt Genre: Contemporary Supernatural Title: The Life You Stole Pitch: Kelsey must stop a comic book artist's revenge on her boyfriend when he develops bodyswapping powers from his stories. 500: The first weekend of the summer ...

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2017 #YayYA Entry #20: Duodecim
Name: Mads Bertasio (@madsbertasio) Genre: Diverse YA Science fiction Title: Duodecim 35 Word Pitch: When Blake finds out he’s prophesied to defeat immortal, genocidal Elites, he must decide if it’s better to run away and leave his friends to face certain d...

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2017 #YayYA Entry #19: Ascending
Name: Ashlyn (@AshlynWriting) Genre: Science Fiction Title: Lambda Ascending 35-word Pitch:   At Epsilon Labs, heroes aren't born—they're made. Fifteen-year-old David is Crown City ’s most popular hero and Epsilon Labs’ finest artificial human, whether he w...

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2017 #YayYA Entry #18: Traveler's Epic
Rachel Stevenson @whatshewrote title: Traveler's Epic Genre: YA Fantasy Pitch: EYE OF MINDS meets PRINCESS BRIDE: Two bickering brothers leap into a plague-ridden Renaissance world, hoping to save it before its creators... their dad and his friends ... dest...

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2017 #YayYA Entry #17: One-Way Ticket to the Multiverse
Name: Katherine Hillis (@kehillis) Genre: Science-fiction Title: One-Way Ticket to the Multiverse 35-word pitch: When an alien pulls Alex Turner through a wormhole to an alternate version of Earth, she goes from helping her family pay bills to navigating th...
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