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Just donated 10$ to Danila(socrates). Hopefully that will make his crowdsourcing campaign a bit closer to the target of 100,000$.
Please take a look at his site that includes really high quality interviews with best thinkers of our time!

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I have become really interested in Bitcoin/Blockchain recently. The more I read/learn about it - the more agitated I become. The blockchain is a real promise of a better world. Now, here's Augur Project - A decentralized prediction market based on Ethereum platform (Ethereum is like Bitcoin v2). Augur is now in crowdsale phase  - check this out. 

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I am trying to build a web application using Yesod and sqllite. Can anyone please refer me to some working example of similar application? Something like but that actually compiles?

Post has shared content Now Installs Apache Wave!

To me this is one of the most exciting developments for the Wave community since the inception of the Apache Wave project almost five years ago. Now, a great new cloud apps service, will support one-click installation of Apache Wave servers on their service.

More at:

Can't wait to give it a spin! h/t +Kenton Varda

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I was recently struggling with my Mac - it won't allow me to switch JDK version from 8 back to 7. After hours of trials and googling I found this
It worked like a magic, switching java versions can't be easier now. 

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Think next time you want to eat meat.

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DeeperWeb - a search plugin for Google search that really makes it better.
For me - it  adds two killer features:
1. Easy way to filter by time
2. A words cloud - automatically computed keywords that let you narrow the search.
It also allows to easily narrow the search only to results from specialized sites, like from Answers/Metrics/Wikipedia etc..

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The slides on implementing full text search for Wave in a Box. It's still a work in progress, i.e. unfinished and will have a lot of changes.

Shared at this early stage for you comments. Thanks.
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