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Our VP Michael Laurie sat down with the Scotsman Guide to have an important discussion about digital-first, TRID, the CFPB and developing trends in mortgage:

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With remote e-signatures, consumers now have unprecedented access to banks and more mobile functionality than ever

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In Canada, we go the extra 1.6km
Here's how we illustrate our willingness to go the extra mile for customers -

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I worked on this project, and it's exciting to see it bearing fruit! The folks at CDK Global and Open Dealer Exchange are really striving to make the car buying experience better.

When you're buying or leasing a car, it starts out exciting. You probably do some research, then start going to dealers and test driving. That's fun! Then you pick out your new (or new to you) ride, and the excitement builds! Then, you get to haggle. OK, this is probably not fun to most people, but some enjoy it, and it's likely not going anywhere.

You finally settle on a price, and then part no one likes starts. Paperwork! You sit down at a desk covered with piles of paper, take up a pen and start reading (hopefully) and signing and signing and signing, sometimes the same form multiple times. Assuming there are no mistakes--requiring you to do it all over again--you are then handed a stack of papers you will mostly stick in a file cabinet and rarely, if ever, look at again...and the keys to your new car! And the excitement is back as you happily drive it off the lot.

What if that dull section can be made a bit better, a bit faster, a bet less painful? Signing documents to buy or lease a car is never going to be FUN, but it can certainly be better. #esignatures  help streamline that process. What if you can draw your signature once, on a signature pad or tablet, and then just click on every subsequent X instead of signing your name again? What if you can only sign each document one time (or not have to "Press hard! You're making three copies.")? What if instead of a stack of papers you can get an email with a link to download all your documents at home? You can!

Using #esignatures  makes the most tedious part of buying or leasing a car faster and easier, which is good for the buyer and the seller alike. This partnership is making that happen today. Pretty cool.
CDK Global, Open Dealer Exchange and e-SignLive by Silanis partner for improved customer experience with auto purchasing, selling and lending processes through e-signing and e-vaulting -

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#Packers QB Aaron Rodgers extended two NFL records in Sunday's win, bringing his streaks at home to 360 consecutive passes and 31 consecutive TDs without an interception.

Read more, hear from Rodgers & watch his highlights:

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Why #eSignatures are superior to hand signatures, and an interesting factoid about e-signing even I didn't know.

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This piece gets a couple minor facts wrong, but is otherwise very informative. This is a place near and dear to my heart, where I can be found more weekends than not.

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Simple answer to a question I'm asked all the time. "What's the difference between an electronic and digital signature?" #esignature  
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