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What I learned in life is,

That no matter how good a person is,
sometimes they can hurt you & because of this we must forgive.
It takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it ..
We don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change..
The circumstances and the environment influence on our lives,
but we are the one who responsible for ourselves..
That you have to control your acts or they will control you..
That patience requires much practice.. that there are people who love us,
but simply don’t know how to show it..
That sometimes the person you think will hurt you and make you fall..
Is instead one of the few who will help you to get up..
You should never tell a child that dreams are fake, it would be a tragedy if they knew..
It’s not always enough to be forgiven by someone,
in most cases you have to forgive yourself first..
That no matter in how many pieces your heart is broken, the world doesn’t stop to fix it ..
May be God wants us to meet all the wrong people first before meeting the right one..
So when we finally meet the right one we are grateful for that gift ..
When the door of happiness closes, another door opens..
but often we look so long at the closed one.. we don’t see what was open for us ..
The best kind of a friend is the kind in which you can sit on a porch and walk…
Without saying a word & when you leave it feels it was the best conversation you ever had.
It’s true we don’t know what we have until we find it, but its also true,
we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives..
It only takes a minute to offend someone, an hour to like someone,
a day to love someone, but it takes a life time to forget someone.
Don’t look for appearances, they can be deceiving, don’t go for wealth even that can fade,
Find someone who makes you smile, because it only takes a smile to make a day better,
find what makes your heart smile..
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much..
that you wish you can take them out of your dream and hug them for real..
Dream what you want, go wherever you want to go.. because you have only one life..
and one change to do the things you want to do ..
The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything that comes their way.
The best future is based on the forgotten past..
You can’t go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.

~Paulo Coelho

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Great photo and a nice title dear +Betty Manousos​! 
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Betty Manousos

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+Gabriele Muellenberg
I'm sorry, but I do not understand what's going on. How can I help you?
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Betty Manousos

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What an inspiring collection of photographs! Curated by +HQSP Night.

Betty Manousos

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Happy 18th Birthday, dear Google!:o)

#google   #googledoodle      #birthday    #HappyBirthdayGoogle
Google's 18th Birthday! #GoogleDoodle
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+Anna Aida good morning my dear friend! visiting you in a while!:) <3

Betty Manousos

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Sleep and growing older... { #blackandwhite #love  }

Useful info on: Sleep and Growing Older
While I love Color Photography I find myself more and more attracted to B&W images lately. #bw images are so arty; they can be strong, charming and powerful. (Of course the #bwphotography vs #color #photography debate is a very personal one.) I, personally, think that all these colors can be distracting and can take the focus away from the subject. I love BW. #blackandwhite photography is all about form, shape, and texture. Also. I think #monochrome , #blackandwhite photos add a hint of mystery to the subject.

Shot at: mm50 ss1/100s f3.5 ISO100 (Lens: Canon 50mm f1.8)

ABOUT this shot: Natural train window light bathes this elderly lady in soft light while a black surface (RIGHT) separates her form her environment.

#monochrome #blackandwhite   #blackandwhitephotography #bw #hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome  +Giuseppe Petruzzella  #streetphotography  +HQSP Urban & Street Photos +HQSP Urban & Street Photos  +BTP Monochrome Pro +Nancy Dempsey +Jesse Martineau  +Breakfast Art Club +BTP Street PRO +Nancy Dempsey +Hans-Juergen Werner +All Things Monochrome +HQSP Portraits   +BTP Monochrome Pro  #photography +WeeklyPhoto page    #canonusers   #googleplus  +World Best Top Photographer Association +Betty Manousos 
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Super shot!!!!
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Betty Manousos

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How cool is this!
Paris, animated from a single JPG.
Paris, Animated from a single JPG

This is a really cool new way to take any JPG and create a moving picture out of it. If you look closely (it may take a moment to load depending on your speed), you'll see the clouds moving and the movement reflected in the puddle.

It's called a "Plotagraph" and I have a big writeup on the blog today that talks more about the process at

Soon, I'll do a Facebook Live broadcast to show how fun and easy it is! You may note that it's quite different than how a cinemagraph is created because with this you simply can use any JPG from your back catalog. There's no need for video files or any "new" photos... It's a web service, so it works on any computer.
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+Mona Zimba thank you very much, dear mona:)
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Betty Manousos

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Happy New Year +Betty Manousos and best wishes . :)
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Betty Manousos

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- αγαπητή μου φίλη σου εύχομαι υπέροχα Χριστούγεννα και ευτυχισμένο το Νέο Έτος 2017! Αγάπη και ειρήνη σε όλο τον κόσμο! ❤❤❤ +Betty Manousos​
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Betty Manousos

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Je te souhaite de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année, mais surtout un joyeux Noël.
Patrick 🎄🎅☃❄🌟 ☃

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Betty Manousos

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Tutorial: How to make an animation out of a JPG
Making an animation out of a JPG - Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Plotagraph Pro. Come learn more at
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+Estela del Valle thank you, hugs! :)
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Betty Manousos

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+Chris Hamilton thank you very much. glad you like it:)
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