domain finally returned to UK after 14 years!

This valuable domain had been held in America as a part of a collection owned by American domain tycoon Daniel Ottobre.
Daniel started to buy up domains in the early days of the internet, when he found that they were still available to register because people had not yet realised the true value or potential of owning a domain name. After careful research, he purchased around 500 addresses for $37,000.00.
This privately owned collection of domain names has been valued at around 6 Million dollars today.
If only we could turn back the clock eh? In hindsight, we would all have made a few investments back then.

Essex & London based businessman Joseph Cozens, owner of the UK Web Design & Ecommerce company, last week negotiated a deal with the domain tycoon, and bought the domain

It has now finally been transferred back to the UK after 14 years and will at last be put to good use.

The domain is currently pointing to the ecommerce advice area of However Joseph Plans to build a new website for this domain where you will be able to find out anything you wish to know about Ecommerce and shopping carts and how to start up, run or manage an online business.

If you are thinking about building a website to sell products or services online, or you need help with your existing ecommerce website, then you can contact Joseph at or by telephone on 01702 313495 or by mobile on 079 440 62954.
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