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We are just $44 dollars away from our first monthly Milestone! Become a patron for as little as $1 a month! Help create art! #beheroic
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So who can point me to the top created stuff for White Star? It's kinda a mess on rpgnow if I just search White Star. Cheers!

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So the new car smell of Myth & Magic is wearing off?

A gnome bard, hill dwarf fighter, halfling thief, wood elf druid, and half-orc (half-elf) ranger join forces in the Blue Moon Alehouse and thus the Fallcrest Irregulars were formed. On their way to clear out the Kobold Hall what a mix! They might pick up a human mage along the way. We are using Myth & Magic to run it, but wow I am in love with this setting!

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Well that was a D&D session for the ages LOL! Player's often do stuff that just makes you scratch your head... add in a Deck of Many things and watch the magic happen! ;)

Does anyone have a good Lulu discount code for printing your first book? I had heard there was one up to 50%, but can't find it anywhere.

Had a second and lovely session of Myth & Magic tonight. Fantastic system and what is shaping up to be a fantastic campaign!
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