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Directions in Packaging
Directions in Packaging

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The Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (Flow Wrap) process is used to Increase Productivity, Reduce the Labor Cost, and Reduce Human Operating Errors.

In the Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal process, the film is fed in a horizontal direction along with the products. First the film is sealed in a horizontal direction by heated rollers or bars. Then the film is sealed in vertical direction while the gas mixture is added from the nozzle.

Customized Engineering!
In meat packaging industries, this process is done at high speed in a cold environment. Therefore, the Sealability of the film is very important. Our Flow Wrap Film is specially designed for this application. It is known in the industry to have the Widest Seal Window and a Very Low Oxygen Transfer Rate.
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To Extend Shelf-life of Food Products, the air in a package headspace can be replaced with a modified gas mixture.

The gas flushing process generally consists of three steps:
1. Vacuuming process: the air in the mother bag is removed by vacuum.
2. Gas inserting process: the formulated gas mixture is added in the package.
3. Sealing process: the top bag end is sealed to contain the gas mixture.

Quality and Excellence!
The gas flush bag needs to have Excellent Gas barrier Properties and also it requires Excellent Sealability. Compass Plastics focuses on the Quality of our Products First. Our gas flush bags have been used by various meat-packaging companies for more than 20 years.

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In packaging poultry, the Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) process can be used to pack accurate amounts of bulk products in each package.

The Vertical Form Fill Seal process of Poultry has the following steps:
1. The film is fed in vertical direction while sealing in a vertical direction.
2. The bottom part of the package is sealed.
3. The poultry is fed into the package.
4. The top part of the package is sealed while a gas mixture is added.

Customized Engineering!
The film in this process needs to have Excellent Hot Tack Properties. Our VFFS film is specially designed for poultry application. It has Excellent Barrier Properties and a Wide Seal Window.
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