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Hey, check this out from CNN:
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Perry backer says Romney's religion 'a cult'

Just a test of sharing from an app.

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No power for 55 minutes...

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Dennys, as high as high class gets.
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A step in the right direction.

I read the TOC and the speeds are 1.5 mbps down and 386 kbps up.

Did you know there is an actual place called Aperture Labs? (Portal 1 & 2 reference)

Wow, I finally remember my Myspace password after 3 1/2 years!

Anyone else having problems with their G+ notifications? I am just getting a white box.

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What is up with all of these commercials talking about their product and Facebook? There was a Toyoda one and a Best Buy one, it seems like Facebook is squirming.

I can't wait for the Google+ ads.
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