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Our custom job on Leicestershire Fire & Rescue service helmets couldn't have gone any better and we are pleased you love what we've done.

Spy Camera in a wireless mouse -- £188.00

This superb piece of technology looks the same as any normal wireless mouse used on many computers. The big difference is that this one has a 5 mega pixel spy camera hidden inside it. Perfect for leaving on your desk or around the office or home to see and hear what is happening in your absence.
The mouse camera contains a sensitive PIR sensor that will trigger a recording when it senses movement. enabling the internal rechargeable battery to power the device for around 7 days in standby mode.


Coffee Cup Hidden Spy Camera -- £166.66 

This 720p HD video quality camera is perfect for walking around the work place, going into meetings and many other daily situations when a takeaway coffee cup carried in the hand looks quite normal.

Watch Camera And Recorder - £50.00

This covert body worn camera is disguised as a stylish and wearable watch, the secret agent camcorder watch lets you record video without anyone knowing.

Covert Pen Recorder - £135.00
Our pen- voice recorder is a fully functional ball point pen and a covert voice recorder in one package.

Wireless Spy Camera and Receiver - £75.00
The Wireless Spy Cam is an easy and do-it-yourself observation

Table Lamp Camera And Recorder -- £240.00

This fully functioning table light conceals a hidden HD camera and recorder powered from the mains supply so there are no batteries to worry about

GSM Bug Long Life - £95.00

This GSM bug is designed for use in situations when a long operational life is needed and mains power is not practical.

Alarm Clock 3g - £399.00

This video 3G DAB Clock Radio is specially designed for streaming real time audio and video footage back to your mobile phone from anywhere in the world that has 3G coverage.

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Ashley Madison: What's in the leaked accounts data dump?
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