If you want to see the REAL donald trump exposed for what he really is, Here it is, the early 1990s documentary that was banned because Trump did not want the world to see this. He fought and threatened to sue networks if this was ever released to the public in the 1990s..
Brace yourselves, this truly is the SMOKING GUN.
It's funny that Trump claims he is not a washinton insider, but the FACT is he has been one of the biggest finacial contributer for politicians over the years. He buys politicians. This is all facts exposed in this film.
It proves that just about everything Trump has campaigned the last year on is blatent lies.
He has had his nose so far up politicians assholes for so long, he gets nose bleeds.
Not only that, but he has broken so many laws it aint funny. He is a "HUUUGE" career criminal in so many aspects.
A huge manipulator of the media he has used as pawns his whole life.
The worst kind of politician imaginable.
You Tea Bagger redneck Trump supporters have been so duped and fooled its pathetic. Trump supporters are just plain ignorent and dumb beyond comprehension. Deer's with headlights in their face. Lost sheep following and giving power to a false Shepard.
A liar, conman, a fraud, tax evader, carpet bagger, a bigot, you name it,
A shithead.

Congratulations Republican Party.
LULZ to you! 👉
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