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Antoinette Govan

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Malaysia Airlines has revealed the names and nationalities of all 298 people who were on board flight #MH17.
Malaysia Airlines revealed the names and nationalities of all 298 people who were on board MH17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday.
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Antoinette Govan

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Build Your Blog with Social Media Optimization (SMO)
How building a solid social media presence will help spread your ideas.

Listening to +Rand Fishkin  of +Moz's Whiteboard Friday sparked the social media optimization idea in my head again. Social media optimization or SMO is the principle of using social media instead of SEO to help build your blog.

What I love is that SEO experts, social media pros, and SMO thinkers all come up with the same types of advice. I’ve used social media optimization for my blog since day one and starting building my social network before I wrote a word. Of course, I hadn't heard of social media optimization, it was just the path that fit for me as a blogger. As +Jay Baer says, “content is fire and social media is gasoline.” 

Ideas from +Joshua Berg:

Create – Maximize your creativity with original quality content.
Relate – Create relatable content, or make your content relatable.
Captivate – Fun and interesting content, stand out from the noise.

From +Rebekah Radice 
"Social media is a lot like the dating process.  I want to be wooed before receiving the direct message or wall post pushing a product or service. "

Are you using social media optimization for your blog? What ways have you found to share your content?

Read it all here:

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My blog notification circle was notified when I posted this. If you'd like to be included in this circle and see my new content when it hits G+, let me know in the comments below. Thank you blog circle!!
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Antoinette Govan

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How Gmail Tabs Affect Your Email Marketing: An Update

"More than half a year has passed since Gmail announced the new tabbed inbox. My initial research hinted that open rates took a hit, but at that point I was just looking at a few weeks’ worth of opens. Now that things have settled down, we can look at months’ worth of all kinds of engagement data." 

#Gmail   #Emailmarketing  
More than half a year has passed since Gmail announced the new tabbed inbox. My initial research hinted that open…
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Antoinette Govan

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Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business [Infographic - v.2.0]

A good starting guide to managing online channels: your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, & Google+. The basics on posting content & frequency, networking, engaging, and extra tips...

By +Whole Brain Group:

#socialmedia   #socialnetworking  
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Antoinette Govan

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Antoinette Govan

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Everyone deserves to be appreciated!
When your colleague does a great job on an important project, compliment them on their success. If your competitor got the job over you, send a note of congratulations. Drop your guard, put down your competitive armor, and give yourself permission to...
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Antoinette Govan

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#socialmedia can be a tricky game. Experience and the right components, #strategy and execution are required.

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Antoinette Govan

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The 10th anniversary of my son's death was April 28, 2014.  These pictures were posted as part of video montage that I was producing in his honor.  
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Antoinette Govan

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The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is deliberating whether vitamin supplements make any difference in the average person's risk of heart disease or cancer. The government advisory group said for standard multivitamins and certain other nutrients, there's not enough evidence to tell. A final decision is expected next year.
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Antoinette Govan

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"You can't be too careful" in dealing with people — so says a record high of nearly two-thirds of Americans. An AP-GfK poll conducted last month found that Americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encounters. Less than one-third expressed a lot of trust in clerks who swipe their credit cards, drivers on the road or people they meet when traveling.
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Antoinette Govan

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10 Surprising Social Media Statistics that might make you rethink your social strategy
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