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The Simple Atheist
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Useful Guides(supplement to da rules):
1.Follow the evidence wherever it takes you
2. Believing is Seeing even for myself i.e. belief shapes perception (see Play Fair rule)
3. Never be afraid to be wrong or let the possibility of being wrong, deter you from making the best choice (see Play Fair rule)
4. Be honest with yourself above all else, knowing full well you probably delude your self any way.
5. Live within the bounds of human experience and not human imagination.
6. Define yourself by what you know and not what you don't know.
7. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst whenever practical
8. Worry and anger do nothing to improve a situation
9. Blame does almost nothing to resolve a problem. Most times, the person who caused a problem is the absolute worst one to fix it.
10. Belief in things that have no evidence in the physical or do nothing in teh real world is just make-believe (See No making shit up rule)
11.All things in moderation especially moderation (seek balance more than the middle road).
12. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, when you don't know what else to do.
13. Almost nobody sees themselves as truly evil or completely wrong.
14. Just because someone thought it or even believes it does not make it possible (see guideline 1)
15. Conspiracy is much rarer than incompetence in explaining the human state.
16. You've got to save a lot a butt if you want to get away with murder
17. You will never be able to overcome the fallacies of human self perception, but striving to see, understand and ultimately deal with those fallacies actually will start to mitigate them overtime.

Da Rules (a work in progress):
1. I hold no truths to be absolute and no absolutes to be true. (No Absolutes rule)
2. I hold no truth to be self evident. (No Free Ride rule)
3. I hold no belief on anything for which we humans know nothing about. (No Making Shit Up rule)
4. I hold no humans can truly know or even imagine anything infinite and reality seems to concur. (Nothing Infinite Matters rule)
5. I hold no abstractions to be real except as they manifest their usefulness to the holder. (Abstractions ain't real rule)
6. I hold no belief about others that I am not willing to apply to myself. (Play Fair rule)
7. I hold no human like being is behind any aspect of our universe except our own actions. (Don't be Narcissistic rule)
8. I hold no delusion that humans are inherently logical. (Silly Humans rule)
9. I hold on to reality as tightly as I can. (Let Reality rule)
10, I hold my pants up with a belt, most times. (Token Reality statement)

Everything humans do is arbitrary, anybody who tells you otherwise is selling you something

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Something I did back in 2002

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Along the path between order and chaos, I decided to create these characters in lClone

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My Light Saber Galaxy. I created this a few years ago from from NASA HST image: Mice Galaxy. Note I only added the face and did not enhance any of the stars

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Some rules I came up with  to simplify my life

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my son took a picture of my youngest daughter puppies

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Working Images from My Audrey Hepburn Tribute Pack for iColne

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my latest
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