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Aaron O'Hanlon
Helping Home Improvement Contractors Take Over Their Online Presence
Helping Home Improvement Contractors Take Over Their Online Presence

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I am so sad to hear the news of today.

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Big game tonight. Either way enjoy the ride..

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I love how #zombieapocalypse is trending..... Might has well share one of my  kids favorite songs

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R.I.P. MCA.... You will be missed.

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If you can't be there, you might as well enjoy it online.. Happy Jazz Fest All!

Because it's trending and I have always been a fan.

"Live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy." #KurtVonnegut

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Happy National Puppy Day!... Wow, my wife will be surprised when I get home....

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I wonder how Goodell will be received at the Super Bowl in New Orleans next year... I hope the fans don't have their own bounty system..

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Interesting video inside a Google meeting. The one thing I noticed is how focused everyone is on user satisfaction, rather than revenue generators.
I highly recommend watching this video, which gives a never-before-seen look at how Google creates its search algorithms.

Between Daylight Savings time, NCAA brackets and today being officially Napping Day, why is anyone even at work?
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