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RainSoft of Perham

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RainSoft water softeners can counteract the effects of hard water. Contact us for a free in-home water test and find out how RainSoft can improve the quality of your water.
Water from "Soft" to "Hard"
When water falls in the form of rain it is clear of impurities, in other words it is "soft." As it falls water picks up carbon dioxide and other impurities in the air. Soaking through the earth and running off into rivers or lakes, water dissolves calcium and magnesium salts. If water picks up a substantial amount of dissolved rock, calcium carbonate and other substances, it become "hard." The US Geological Survey calulates that about 90% of US homes have hard water. There are also indications that water is becoming even harder due to increasing demand. Increased demand lowers the water table, which causes a greater draw-off at the surface and raises the natural hardness of water.
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The CDC has continuing concerns about the quality of drinking water. In a one-year period over 1,000 people became sick from unsanitary water. You can read more about it on our website. Also check out RainSoft water treatment systems, which deliver fresh, delicious water right from your tap.

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Perham, MN - Visit or website to request a free in-home water test and see how RainSoft water treatment can benefit your home.
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RainSoft Water Softener | Perham, MN
A RainSoft water softener reduces the minerals and chemical compounds that damage your pipes, restrict water flow and shorten the life of major water-using appliances.

MoneyTalksNews offers 17 money saving tips by reducing your water bill. Install a low-flow shower head, which will save you at least a half a gallon of water per minute.
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RainSoft of Perham | Perham, MN
Isn't city and most well water good enough without a RainSoft water conditioning system?
That depends on your standards of "good enough." Most communities meet Primary Drinking Water Standards as established by the EPA. But your water can still contain impurities you can't taste or smell – impurities that can be potentially harmful. RainSoft can take good water and turn it into great tasting healthy water that meets much stricter standards.

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Perham, MN
Read reviews of RainSoft dealers from your area and RainSoft Water Treatment products.

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RainSoft water treatments systems are built to last and carry a limited lifetime warranty, so you can exclude it from your real estate contract and take it to your next home. To find out more about RainSoft products visit our website.

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RainSoft of Perham serves central and northern Minnesota. To find a RainSoft Dealer near you use our Dealer Locator.

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RainSoft of Perham - Put a stop to smelly water with a RainSoft water treatment system.

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