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Helping people with Health, Technology & Life
Helping people with Health, Technology & Life

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You are invited to a LIVE Q & A about Selling on Amazon - hosted by several successful Amazon sellers that got that way by doing the ASM course.

Tomorrow - Saturday 25 April from 1pm EST to 2pm EST.
The registration link is below.

Now is your chance. Gloves off, ask them anything. They are not selling you anything - they are simply there to answer your questions honestly and completely.

This is the registration link:

Best, Philip

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ASM is open and selling like hotcakes .... Why is that?

Here are some numbers that explain a lot:

I started in ASM 19 months ago.

I've been selling on Amazon for 17 months now.

I sell over $100,000 in products each month on Amazon, with 5 brands and more than 25 different products.

The profit on all this is around 35%.

I have personally helped more than 50 people get started in this business, and at least 6 of them are already selling more than $25,000 per month on Amazon.

At least 25 of the people I am helping with ASM already have their product live and selling on Amazon.

Amazon is growing by about 20% each year, and will surpass $100 billion this year in sales. This game is still just starting.

Pamela (my wonderful wife) quit her job 10 months ago, and we have helped at least 7 friends quit their jobs by building up their own Amazon business.

We have 24 hours a day where we can do what we want, and we have 0 debt. We spend a lot of time helping others achieve the same and make Bridge money.

Does everyone succeed with ASM? No, of course not. If you stop doing it, or quit after the first, 2nd or 3rd hurdle, you cannot succeed. There are always obstacles, but that's part of the game.

But if you keep doing it, you practically cannot fail. And - you'll have me in your corner for as long as needed.

So, if you haven't already, watch the videos.

And if you have any questions at all - now, during or after - please call me or email me.
All the best,
Philip Jepsen
Mobile: 727.224.1832

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The Amazing Selling Machine system (Training and Tools) is incredible, and easily worth the investment - I invested $5,000 2 years ago, and I have made about $2 million in sales since, with a profit of well over $500,000. I now also mentor others on studying and implementing this system and building their businesses, and I created ManageByStats, a suite of Amazon Seller Tools which make running an Amazon Seller business much easier.

If you decide to do use the ASM system as well to build a business, I offer these bonuses if you sign up through me.

One-on-One Coaching or Mentoring on the ASM system. Anytime you need help or clarification, a side check or clarification, I will help you. I have helped many already, and I know the system really well.

Free subscription to ManageByStats for a year. It is a great tool for managing a big Amazon Seller business.

My checklists and marketing systems that I used to build a million-dollar business in 9 months using ASM. These are condensed documents that ensure you apply the ASM system accurately and fully, and get results.

I will help you launch your Amazon product by promoting it to my list of VIP Product Buyers.

Watch the videos on this now starting September 29th.

All the best,

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The ASM system changed our lives, and that is no exaggeration. I started my business about 18 months ago and it became a million-dollar business within 9 months, and hasn't stopped growing.  I have helped many family and friends build theirs too.  Having both the money and the time to do what we have wanted to do for decades is incredible.

The ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) system works.  Not MLM. Not too good to be true.  Just a really great system.  Watch this to see for yourself.

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An exciting day for us - the final launch of the Amazing Selling Machine starts today.  

If you don't know what it is - watch this video.  

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback's ASM system gave us a million-dollar business on Amazon within 9 months.  It can do the same for you - and for anyone.

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