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Here's the world premiere for my brand new single 'Think About It', out in September:

Pre-order the limited edition UK single here:
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this is sound absolutely amazing. I can't wait for the album!!!
+Charmaine Chan We had a temp premiere page at index.html and forgot to change the link here after we removed it, fixed now, thanks!
I thought "Rock Me" was the a great come back song, but then "Think About It" came along. Love it! Can't wait to have the CD. I LOVE MELANIE C! Can't get enough of "Think About It".
I just can't get enough too!!! I can't stop thinking about "Think About It"!!!!!
Love this new change!!! Mel, way to go! For me this is the kind of music that suits you the most!!! My friends are getting into you since they saw your video "Think about it"!!! ... and by the way, when r u coming to ARGENTINA??!!!!!
Mi nueva canción preferida!! GENIAL!
Is there a making of ... ??? I would like more informations about the visuals made. Was it all greenscreen and post or projected during the takes ?
Nice to hear you on Radio 2 yesterday while we were on our way back to Switzerland. You seem to be on my radio all the time. Keep it up.
Hi Melanie, have you considered licensing your songs for a Playstation SingStars game ? Having played a few from Queen and TakeThat recently, yours would really set the evening alight.
I'm tying to love it. £7.99 in the Uk iTunes and the equivalent of £14.03 from Swiss - hmmmm
Unbelievable., you are in G+. I think the song "Let there be love" is the best in your new album, :)
I love your new album. It's really a personality, deep feeling album! Thanks for sharing your experiences in life with your songs!
Script for clip The Sea

In a situated platform not very above of the sea and hangs between the clouds that also serve of firmamento, lives advanced and harmonious civilization. Its energy exists a condensing symbol of all that joins the reasoning and feeling making that all occurs conformity for the inhabitants. This link is a silver-plated circle and luminous he is kept in an altar where all can see the light that it emanates. Amazon has two that it protects it, each one armed with one tridente and daggers, one of them is MELANIE C. The mist fumê colored if approaches, takes a feminine form without apparent, malignant and voracious face. It attacks the guards with blows and esquiva with mist, the partner of MELANIE C is abated, MELANIE C continues fighting stating the lamentation without losing the focus still more, becoming dedicated, however Escarlet astuciosamente obtains to pass for MELANIE C and to steal the Icon Supreme and runs away jumping in the sea. Our heroine does not hesitate and starts the persecution without she can call reinforcement excessively, polishes and its speed is increased by the gravity, and with the impulse it obtains to stop a small fight with Escarlet, still in air, however without success. The wind is its favor, it uses to advantage the impulse and dives of head in the sea rebels, dense and illuminated only for the moon, obtains to visualize the track of the executioner directing itself for pparently identical a submarine city to its, not to be for the existence of the present cinereous fear in air. An altar waits the villainous contends another icon without light that hangs in capricious air, MELANIE C does not obtain to go up the stairs in time of Escarlet to join the two raising them and with the fusing she elapses force and light pulling out the mist that covered it to it face disclosing to be equal MELANIE C. That she remains astonished in guard position while Escarlet goes down slowly in its direction overwheling it only with the look.

I wait that they like.
I know that music “Cruel Intentions” is not commercial, however liked as much that I am certain that it deserves to be explored. This is my idea of the plot of the video clip for this music:

Shouts of maiden in the rainy night come inside of of a covered cart of the black color that covers the shady road and if dirige for the one threatening castle covered of clouds, rays and thunders. The raisable bridge goes down to give to ticket to the transport macabro that it crosses fast loading the young poor person route to the stranger. People with strange appearance, great and dirty nails, pale skin and black lips, some with masks others leave the sight scars in the face. With abominable gestures, they touch it and they molest, they say it unknown dialect, if they dirigem to the dungeon leading the young woman who is terrified and asking for aid. Dirty made up of torture machines, bodies in decomposition hung and skeletons still spread for and enclosure arrive all at a tenebrous environment and, with the insuportável perfume of the death, what it just characterizes a celebrated ritual. Suddenly the figures look at seeming to cultuar a dressed encapuzada woman of white, take off, descend slowly for the stairs, the misty personage if it approached to the young, it removed the pointed hood and with air candy it commanded that it looked at it in the deep ones of the eyes, the young woman gave a light distrustful smile, as if for a few seconds it did not fear its presence and making look like to know it, states the minimum reliable, longing for to leave unbroken that situation. To the look for the cândida pparently angelical lady if hipnotizada saw, dumb and without perceiving that she was being undressed, moored to a machine of torture for the vassal subjects, it did not obtain to cry out or to react when seeing its pulse being been cut and its blood going to stop in a bathtub decorated with petals of white roses in contrast with the vital liquid where the woman if prepares to adentrar. All laugh and if they amuse looking at the virgin poor person to agonize, to suffer and to die while they drink its blood in crystalline goblets.

Then a time plus it awakes of a nightmare that torments it constantly, night after night if it sees penetrated in the bad souvenirs of its mind.
mucha zorra con los hombres y por eso le pegaron boba, mensa busque oficio
Hey Mel! I understand that you have suffered from Anorexia Nervosa in the past. I am also recovering from the disease, right now I am trying to raise awareness and be an advocate around prevention, education and funding. Please like my facebook page and if you are intereated please give us your ideas :) thankyou lovley xxx
Wow! Amazing! Great news! ( the way, I still have one your first single "i turn to you") :-D
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