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It's Summer, time to enjoy the weather, the company of family & friends and the great barbecues smile emoticon . However, it is also time to startegize, invest and grow your business. One of the ways to make your business efficient and nimble is to invest in technology, software to be precise.

Software is nimble and can allow you to create economies of scale and achieve amazing efficiencies. The first step in that direction is to have an online presence and then get potential customers to find your business online. We (Bafiasoft) can help you in these two aspects.

To find out more, leave a us a message here on Facebook or Go to our website at WWW.BAFIASOFT.COM .

Have a great week.

Christian Rikong

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Hey Guys, Happy New Year To All Of You. We at Bafiasoft hope that 2014 will be full of Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Love for you. We also wanted to thank you for all the support you have shown us in 2013. To thank you for your loyalty and support, We wanted to get your year started off right. This is why we built an amazing tool called Vinci Shop. 

Vinci Shop will help you easily sell items online if you are an individual selling from your garage or a more established business owner with a Store. Vinci Shop will also enable you easily get new customers to your doors through referrals and promotions. To Learn More, please go to:

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Christian Rikong

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Hey Guys, How are you? I hope well. I found this really nice book about a panting love and human adventure I think you might find interesting. To learn a little bit about the author you can check out the following web site:

To order and purchase different form factors of the book please click on one of the links below. If you read the book and love it please recommend it to your other friends. In the mean time please re-share this post with all of your Friends. Thank you for the support.

Sincerely, Christian Rikong



Mayimouna, a beautiful outstanding attorney. Jean-Louis, a remarkably handsome high level public servant. Both enviable African young elites. They met at university where they studied. They lost sight of one another, then met again for the beginning of the most unique romance.
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Christian Rikong

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Oh Wooo, Winter is definitely here. This is what we came to today outside our offices...I guess this means more time indoor for the Bafiasoft team and thus more beautiful and useful products designed and built  . The Hot Cocoa season has started...Let's Go ->
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