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Jon Delmendo
Renaissance Dad. Autodidact. Raconteur. Former USN Submariner. Lumpia Chef. Hapa. Drummer. Skilled with WordPress, Dev, Inbound, and PPC. As heard on NPR. #ENTJ
Renaissance Dad. Autodidact. Raconteur. Former USN Submariner. Lumpia Chef. Hapa. Drummer. Skilled with WordPress, Dev, Inbound, and PPC. As heard on NPR. #ENTJ

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The paradox of choice. 
How Reducing Options Can Increase Your Conversions by Neil Patel #conversionoptimization #infographic  

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What would happen in a world where brick and mortar businesses cease to exist and online shopping is the only way of buying?

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Here's a great & pretty complete guide to Google Webmaster Tools -- it's a great way to dive in and get insights on all of the features. #bookmarked  

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I used to pull a similar trick on my wife before we were married. I'd bend down slightly, gaze lovingly into her eyes and say "Will you mar... inate steaks with me?"
Happy Valentine's Day.

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Be the best by understanding (and ignoring) the worst. 
New WB Friday on the Best Way to Suck at Marketing

One of my least favorite aspects of our field is the tendency to engage in transactional marketing and transactional relationships. That's the topic of this week's Whiteboard Friday:

p.s. since this video went a little broad, I'm planning to make my next one much more tactical :-)

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3 Smart Google+ Strategies to Grow Your Online Community

It’s no secret. Google Plus is a powerful online tool.

From search engine optimization, to social signals and semantic search, Google Plus is a veritable wonderland of opportunity for savvy business professionals.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining +Sebastian Rusk on the “Social Buzz on Air” podcast where we discussed Google Plus and the reasons why I believe it should dominate your social media strategy in 2014.

Read these 3 quick and easy ways you can dive in and *optimize Google Plus for maximum exposure, *improved visibility, and a thriving community!

Google+ TIP:

Get started with Communities and connect with people speaking your language.

- Find communities that are centered on your industry, niche, or hobby. Then begin to share, interact and engage.
- Read and thoroughly understand the guidelines of each community you join. 
- Share valuable content, not just your own. If it’s topical, relevant, and something you enjoyed, you can bet your community members will as well.
- Comment on other members content and share across additional social channels.
- Ask questions, interact, and truly get to know community members.

Read the rest of it here:

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #socialmediamarketing  

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The Demise of Individual Keyword Ranking Reports: 10 Superior SEO Stats

It's important to track keyword rankings, but obsessing over single keywords is usually a waste of time. Sure it's nice to rank #1, but that's not where most of the money is made. 50-80% of your traffic comes from long-tail keywords that you aren't tracking anyway.

What's more important in SEO than a #1 ranking? How about:
• Search visibility
• Volume
• Click through rate
• Traffic
• Conversions

If you're going to track keywords (and you should) track them in aggregate using keyword indexes so that you can judge the health of your entire site against themes and concepts. If you sell life jackets, group all your 'life jacket' keywords together and track their rise and fall over time as a group.

Down the road, instead of report keyword rankings to your client, report on overall keyword health, traffic, links and conversions - because these are the metrics that actually move businesses.

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Great blueprint for the beginning entrepreneur. 

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Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom at the Seahawks parade yesterday in Seattle.

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Conversion rate tips. 
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