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Vehicle Exhaust, Outdoor Environment, Fire Retardant and Work Center Testing Applications Flexible, portable, high attenuation EM RF shielded environments are in demand for many testing applications. Vehicles of all sizes, can be tested in a RFI / EMI screen rooms with proper intake and exhaust systems. Mobile outdoor RF isolation testing tents can be assembled …
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Protect Wireless Car Entry And Starter Devices From High-Tech Theft

Prevalent in the recent news are articles about high-tech thieves using cloning devices to mimic a car’s key fob signals. Recent research, including a Swiss study, indicates that cars with “smart keys” can be unlocked and stolen in less than 3 minutes by intercepting the signal being emitted by the key fob.

Select-A-Shield™ Key Fob RF Isolation Pouches guard vehicles and other RFID chip devices against signal interception. Placing a wireless “smart” key in a Select-A-Shield RF Isolation Pouch prevents the device from sending Radio Frequency (RF) signals to the vehicle’s entry and ignition systems. Once the wireless device is blocked from sending signals, code grabbers cannot communicate with the device and gain the access codes and entry to the vehicle.

SELECT’s RF Isolation Key Fob Pouches are designed to prevent any wireless device from sending or receiving a signal, as well as securing device information. These small, flexible “Faraday cage” bags are increasingly being used by rental car companies, replacement remote key manufacturers and car owners to isolate wireless keys from RF access. With the rise in theft reports of keyless entry vehicles, this small, unpretentious pouch is a convenient, effective security deterrent against criminals.

New cars essentially are computers on wheels and as such they can be hacked. Prevent hacking, theft and tampering with Select-A-Shield Key Fob Pouches.

The Select-A-Shield RF Isolation Key Fob Pouches are available in three different sizes and two closure options. Select-A-Shield RF Isolation Pouches and bags are made of highly conductive metalized fabric which forms a “Faraday cage” for a wide range of RF and EMI (electro-magnetic interference) shielding applications.

Examples of current applications for Select-A-Shield Key Fob Pouches include:
• Securing smart keys in rental vehicles that are accessed through remote entry by the rental company.
• Isolation of electronic toll road passes or gas station drive-by swipe cards when not in use.
• Shielding credit/debit cards and passports with RFID chips from code grabbers.
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Select Fabricators, Inc. is enhancing their USB Mobile Forensic Pouch making it the highest performing “Faraday bag” on the market. Ideal for digital forensic evidence collection, this window touch pouch allows for hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in a secure RF tight environment.
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Extending the longevity in RF isolation kits and outdoor workplaces, Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouches are available with a durable blue sport nylon layer. This provides discrete security as well a...
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Visit us in Myrtle Beach in booth 502-503 June 2-5, 2013 at the Mobile Forensics World Show.  Learn why our patent pending Select-A-Shield USB pouch performs better!
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Focusing on the growing needs of wireless device forensics, two new Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouches are now available from Select Fabricators, Inc.
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Select Fabricators' booth at the recent Mobile Forensics World in Myrtle Beach, SC.
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The newly redesigned Select-A-Shield USB pouch and all new Window touch Pouches are creating quite a buzz at Mobile Forensics World in Myrtle Beach.  If you're at the show, stop by booth 502-503 and learn why we perform better!
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Shield. Seal. Sew. Assemble. Cover. Comply.

SELECT is the premier US manufacturer of Select-A-Shield™ EMI and RF Shielding Products, custom and contract products are used in a wide array of industries for a vast assortment of applications. Industries include: aerospace, forensics, homeland security, law enforcement, industrial, medical, military and wireless.

With expertise in textiles, flexible materials, industrial sewing, sealing and ultrasonic welding, SELECT can deliver a wide array of custom solutions to your exacting specifications. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff will consult with you every step of the way to insure your solution is the right one for your application and the end product meets all of your requirements.

Endless Range of Shielding Solutions
No matter what your shielding need or configuration requirements, SELECT has a wide range of RF/EMI shielding and forensic products at optimum isolation including curtains and partitions, portable and tabletop enclosures and key fob to laptop pouches.

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