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Life At Face Value. And With Shrimp Burgers.
Uh oh. You’d think –
after six years, including a three-and-half-year engagement, and now, nearly two
months of marriage – my beloved DB would understand everything about me. We've known each other since kindergarten. He knows where I had lunch the day I gr...

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Cheri Wiles commented on a post on Blogger.
Thank you, Chris! I'm not blogging as much as I once did, so it's enormously gratifying when someone takes note and then, even posts a comment! And yes, the sangria is tried and true. We bust it out for all kinds of events, and folks always, always, always want the recipe! Let me know if you give it a whirl!

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What You Really Need To Take To College.
Darling Daughter is
about to leave for college. Don’t ask me when, because for once in my life, I’m
not keeping a daily countdown. I don’t want to know. Instead, I’m spending our
dwindling days together like 52-year-old doe in headlights, immobilized by an

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I Like To Think God Giggled.
Lord knows, I
love making plans. In the 44 months
since David proposed, we have planned aplenty. We planned to take dance lessons.
We planned to choreograph a wedding dance with all four kids. We planned a wedding
video of the two of us – belting out Love I...

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One Of The Best Things I Ever Ate
I’m pathetically
proud to admit that when one of my kids asks me to pass the salt, I inquire,
“What kind? Sea? Kosher? Pink Himalayan, perhaps?” When a vinaigrette
calls for oil, I wonder, Is this an occasion for a lemon-infused olive oil?
California walnut...

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What I Wish I’d Said, Part One
much as I love to write, I hate to speak. Put another way, I hate speaking even
more than I love writing. And that’s saying something. Looking
for participants in a business meeting? Look away from me. Words of wisdom? Well,
there’s this book I can recom...

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Silent Morning, Holy Morning
It's 6:30 in the the morning. And, as is usual during school vacation, not a creature is stirring Chez Wiles I've already showered and dressed. Coffee is brewing. And Sausage Bread is warming in the oven. The kids love Sausage Bread any time of year, but pa...

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Chutes, Ladders, And The Steps To College
So that’s that. Julia’s
winter exams are officially over. “World Religions” marked another senior
year “last.” With that exam,
she takes another step toward college. I’d rather not think that it’s
another step away from me. You might thing
the path is predi...

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One Last Time. With Potato Soup.
It’s broad
daylight now, but I’m afraid to go upstairs. OK. I take that back. “Afraid” may
not be the right word. More like “terrified.” “Petrified.” Because although
it’s been days since I climbed those mahogany-stained steps and peered over the

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Chillin' -- And Saving -- Chez Wiles
On this beautiful autumn afternoon, it is 63 degrees in our house. Not in  every  room, of course. That would be crazy. We've had the fireplace crackling since 11 this morning; the family room is now a toasty 66, and my teens are draped in blankets. Adorbs!...
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