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Jo Mills
Thanking the G+ overlords everyday for bringing the awesomely geeky Mr Mills into my life. Keep sharing the geek love people!
Thanking the G+ overlords everyday for bringing the awesomely geeky Mr Mills into my life. Keep sharing the geek love people!

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Happy Firefly Day - Stay Shiny!

Today marks 15 years since #Firefly first premiered on tv. And although an initial flop & sadly cancelled after just 14 episodes (thanks to the ineptitude of the FOX network 😠) it found a devoted cult audience and became a favourite amongst Joss Whedon aficionados, later being followed by the spin-off #Serenity film in 2005 😊

Obviously, +David Mills​​ & I are big fans and even named our daughter 'Serenity' after the show's spaceship πŸ˜‰ When we went to #LondonFilmAndComicCon at the end of July we cosplayed as Jayne Cobb and Kaylee Frye but I didn't share many of the photos we took that day as I was already 9 weeks pregnant and visibly showing in my Kaylee flight-suit, but we weren't ready to announce the pregnancy to the world! We added a little joke to our cosplay with a lable identifying our bump as 'Jayne Cobb's baby' (even though this is complete fan-fiction as Kaylee only had eyes for Dr. Simon Tam!)

Now, we met lots of awesome #Browncoats (Firefly fans) at the con and actor Alan Tudyk (who played pilot Hoban 'Wash' Washburne in the show and congratulated us on our pregnancy 😁) and word of our cosplay even spread to Jewel Staite (the actress who played Kaylee Frye in the show) who tweeted about us (although she did suggest that the idea of a Kaylee - Jayne baby was the stuff of nightmares 😜) So it was basically, the shiniest of days for us as Firefly fans and I felt that today was the right day to share this with you, despite being almost 2 months later!

#FireflyAnniversary #CantStopTheSignal
#ForeverABrowncoat #Shiny #LeafOnTheWind #HeroOfCantonCounty
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I still love #Buffy πŸ’˜ I'm currently rewatching Season 6 & I forgot how heart-wrenching & sad that season was but in a really good way! 😍
It’s the #BuffyReunion you’ve been waiting for! Get your first look at the Scooby Gang back together: #BuffyReunion

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Wanted to share the official March 2017 #FilmAndComicConCardiff cosplay photos of +David Mills​ & I dressed as #Jayne & #Kaylee from #Firefly. Sorry to include a facebook link but it's the only way I can share all the awesome cosplay efforts from the Con with you all 😜
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So ever since 2012 the 2nd Friday in November has been #InternationalTakeAPictureUnderYourDeskDay (original +Scott Cramer​​ post here:

This year i've spent the day looking after my poorly toddler so i'm very late posting a photo but better late than never - here i am under my 'desk' (or converted breakfast bar) which is now the centre of operations for my Daisy Birthing Antenatal classes - 🌼

I know it's late and you're tired after an emotional week but if you have any energy, cheer up +Scott Cramer​​ & me by taking a photo of yourself under your desk (or coffee table / dining table / etc) tag it with this silly #hashtag and post for the world to see 😜 ο»Ώ

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Hey there Rose Tyler

I know this is 2 years old but I only just came across it and now I have all the feelz 😒

#TARDISTuesday #DoctorWho #BadWho

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🌼 Daisy Birthing Antenatal Classes now in Hay-on-Wye and Brecon 🌼

If you are pregnant (or know any friends or family who are) and living in the Hay-on-Wye area we have great news! Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal Classes are coming to Alana's Baby Corner on Castle Street, starting on Tuesday 13th September.

The next course in Brecon also starts in September and booking is now open for both 😊

For more information please send a message via our Facebook page 🌼

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I'm so excited to announce that booking for my first Daisy Birthing antenatal course is now open and I will be teaching my first class on Wednesday 13th April at 6.30pm in Bishop Bevan Hall, Brecon.

You can find out more by visiting my Facebook page or +The Daisy Foundation website 😊

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I know that sharing Facebook post on G+ is akin to blasphemy but the late great Alan Rickman's portrayal of the Metatron in Dogma is one of my favourite performances of his and so this post by Kevin Smith particularly spoke to me.

I'm still in shock that one of my favourite actors is now gone from this world and the fact that there are so many great films to watch him in repeatedly only eases the pain minutely.

RIP Alan, I raise my wand in your memory 😒

#AlanRickman #Dogma #KevinSmith

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RIP David Bowie; it was awesome to see him perform live at Glastonbury in 2000, I had always hoped to see him again one day but now I will just have to look up to the Starman in the sky 😞

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Donation Accountability

Just incase anybody doubted my donation pledges of the funds raised by the #InternationalTakeAPictureUnderYourDeskDay frivolities here is proof that I have donated Β£27 / $41 (rounded up from Β£26.50 as they only accepted whole pounds!) to #ChildrenInNeed and Β£26 / $40 to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies #IFRC to support victims of the Paris Terrorist Attacks, Syrian Crisis and Refugees throughout Europe.

Thank you again to all that took part and remember every single person can make the world a better place 😊
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