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"Rock & Roll Baby!"

The M1 Abrams is considered by many to be the best tank in the world today. It's 120mm gun makes it lethal while it's composite armor keeps the crew very well protected. The M1 is powered by a 1500 HP gas turbine engine which makes the Abrams one of the fastest tanks. The M1 Abrams has proven itself in battle during Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. This print features the M1A1Abrams advancing through the desert sands of Iraq with a pair of impressive AH-64 "Apaches" providing close air support with deadly Hellfire missiles.
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This is a great piece! love the action in it.
+Mark Karvon Man you are such an incredible artist! I'm so glad I found your Google plus page. Keep up the good work. Simply amazing!
Thank you very much Dale, Julius and Rod. 
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