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Apollo 10 was the last dress rehearsal before the first lunar landing. With the call signs of “Charlie Brown” for the Command Module and “Snoopy” for the Lunar Module, the combined spacecraft were the second manned mission to orbit the moon. Thomas Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan tested all the procedures and the performance of the spacecraft without actually performing a lunar landing. The Lunar Module was flown for the first time in lunar orbit and came within 8.4 miles of the surface. On the journey back to Earth, the spacecraft gained speed under the influence of the planets gravity. By the time “Charlie Brown” reached the reentry point, the crew was traveling faster than any human being had ever traveled before. As of 2012, Apollo 10 still holds the record for the fastest manned flight at 24,816 MPH.
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Thanks Dale. I am still pretty lost here on Google Plus. There is just so much information to go through it seems overwhelming.
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+Mark Karvon I found you via Dale Jackson's share. Another way to be found is to use tags. "apollo" seems to point to a lot of other stuff, but #spaceflight and #spacecraft are good ones for this post.
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