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Aya by Marguerite Abouet is about teenage girls in the IvoryCoast of West Africa in the 70's. The main character, Aya, is very studious.
Her two friends, Adjoua and Bintou, are much less interested in their
schooling. They spend most of their time going out...

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Ares Bringer of War
Ares Bringer of War is the seventh book in a series about the Greek gods by GeorgeO'Connor . It follows the gods as they watch the events of the Trojan war. I
have to admit, the book started off a little slow. There was way to much
narration, which I am not...

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(Low Moon)
Low Moon is a book of five short stories by a
Norwegian man named Jason . Each of them are very different from each other. I
won't reveal the plot of every story, but I will delve into the plot of my
favorite story in the book. The
story I like the most is ...

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Today I'm
going to be reviewing one of my favorite series ever, Dungeon by JoannSfar and LewisTrondheim . This dungeon is not actually a
prison as one might think. It ’ s more like a big obstacle
course which adventurers flock to with dreams of wealth and g...

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Dead West
Today I am reviewing Dead West by Rick Spears . Two years
before the setting of Dead West, An Indian tribe is wiped out by American settlers who want to
build a town. The settlers massacred
all of the women almost all of the women and children while the men...

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Anya's Ghost
Today I
will be reviewing Anya's Ghost   by Vera Brosgol . It's the story of a Russian-American girl who falls down an abandoned well. In
that well, she finds a ghost of a girl who fell down the well in 1918. The rest
of the story follows what happens when ...

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I'm sure you've all heard of the extremely famous Astro Boy series by Osamu Tezuka . Well believe it or not, he also made an eight volume biography of the life of Buddha !  At first I thought it would be boring. I already knew the stories, how he was a Hind...

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Dogs of War
Dogs of War by  sheila keenan  is one of the best graphic novels I've read all month. It
has three stories about three different dogs fighting in three different wars.
Each chapter is about a different dog. The first chapter is about Boots, a
medic dog in

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Lost Cause
I started
reading Lost Cause by Jack Jackson a long time ago and refused to review it
because a character named Hays, who I thought was meant to be one of the good
guys did something really racist. It rubbed me the wrong way. I recently gave
it another try ...

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The Encyclopedia of Early Earth
The Encyclopedia of Early Earth   by Isabel Greenberg is one of the most in depth books I've ever read. It creates entire cultures with their own religions and holy stories. Don't worry, it's not really an encyclopedia. It's the story of an indigenous story...
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