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Ingress Austria - Enlightened
The world around you is not what it seems. #iae
The world around you is not what it seems. #iae


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Operation Green Marble, 
The hugest in the World! 
Congratulations to every single agent that made this possible! 
The Power of the Shapers is STRONGER every day! 
This is pure  #Enlightment !  

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v1.49.0 is rolling out to all Agents via Google Play and includes an updated AGENT profile and Agent position arrow. Additionally, +Visur Technology announced earlier today that their Capsule technology is now live.

Rare Capsules can hold up to 100 items, which count towards your Inventory. Capsules are reusable, and marked with a unique ID. At this time, Capsules can only be obtained via passcodes.

Create an original design and submit it to the #IngressWear Design Competition at We will reshare our favorite submissions, then deliver a passcode via private post.
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Scanner v1.47.0 has been released to all Agents and displays Portal photos when selecting dropped Portal Keys. New recruits will see updated Agent Training as they work to level up. And Verification is supported in Germany and Japan.

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#Ingress #Crossfaction #Fieldart     Wettbewerb
The Crossfaction Crocodile
How a Portal Deletion led to Europes biggest Crossfaction-field

+Brandon Badger  +Ingress  +Niantic Project  +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Susanna Moyer +Ingress Austria - Enlightened +Brian Rose +Stefan Keuchel  
#ingressreport   #siterep   #ingress   #crossfaction   #crocodile  
Historic Background

As usual, the Predators (well known ENL Agents) woke up and checked their Scanners. Completely unusual, their beloved House Portal was gone! To discover the reason of this loss, they asked some of their RES friends, if there’s something going on. Soon, the RES Upper Austria Hangout was discussing this situation very emotionally. Two RES agents pointed out that they submitted the Portal for deletion, but the +NIA Ops  deleted it finally (e.g. don’t hate the user, hate the tool).

On the evening of this very day,@PlanABC, @3cthelion and @PredatorBerni met at a local bar for one or two beers, and one thing led to another, the ENL agent @PredatorBerni got in to the RES only HO.
To make fun of this situation, he changed the Hangout-name to “Crocodile Chat deluxe” – The Crocodile was born.

Same evening, other City and bar, the two Smurfs @klahcs and @Calan were wondering why there are more than 200 new messages in that HO, but decided to ignore it in first case.
The next day, ENL agent @moustacheCat informed @Calan about last night’s struggle, and this inspired him to draw a first draft of a crocodile Fieldart over Linz, Upper Austrias capital city.
After these events, the crocodile became a running gag, and evolved to serious event planning, which leads us to

Day X (Faction)

Morning activity: Predators driving to the south point of the planned megafield. Sadly this was necessary, because RES agents destroyed a jarvised Portal (from @3cthelion und @SabsiNATOR a few days before the event) needed green.

At noon, field teams assembled at Steyr (Upper Austria), exchanged keys and drove off to their destination portals (Passau/Germany and Zwettl/Austria). After checking the map, it was clear that a destroyer team was needed, so @Cerberus1900, @Baunschaedl and @unclasp were sent to clear the linkpaths.

As Field team 1 finally arrived in Passau,@EinsteinJR made a blocking link, which would have caused an hour delay, if the agent himself would not have sacrificed his House Portal in favor of this Crossfaction-Field. (Thanks and Best Regards from the Field Team!).

At this Time, last arrangements in Linz were made. Some last minute problems occurred (as Example two cars broke down, and replacements had to be found).
Because of the snowy weather, key exchange also delayed about 30 minutes. At 3 p.m. the first of six teams for Linz began working. An extra team for special treatment of a not amused agent (his guardian portal had to be destroyed for the Crocodile), was created.
In the first hour of linking action, it soon became clear that more time was needed to clear the inner city of blocking links/fields. Slowly, all Fields and blocking Links were destroyed.
During the event execution, some not informed agents were active in that area and the event team asked them to stop linking. Gladly they obeyed and a Disaster was averted.
The south area of Linz was a real fortress, so some agents of the outer rim helped the city teams.

After two hours, major parts of the crocodile were ready, after another one, only a few fields weren’t ready.
At half past 6 p.m., the last blocking link was destroyed, and all missing fields were created within minutes.

As soon as the crocodile chilled in its bathtub, the agents met at a local bar for some after-work beer & burger.

Meanwhile, the field Team 2 arrived in Zwettl, a little delayed because of the catastrophic snowy street condition.
As soon as the “Link!” order came from the operator, all links were established in the right order and first the green field (@PatLow) and shortly after the blue field (@SabsiNATOR) were spanned over the whole area (~ 1 Mio MU, the biggest Crossfaction-Field in Europe). The communication was flawless.

It was a great experience for all agents and the proof that agents of both factions can work together and that a bad cause (Portal deletion) can form a brilliant event.

XFactionField Agents:
Field Team Zwettl:@PlanABC, @PatLow, @lagi
Field Team Passau:@SabsiNATOR, @3cthelion, @PredatorMare, @PredatorBerni
Destroyers:@Cerberus1900, @Baunschaedl, @unclasp

Crocodile Field Agents:
North:@anbiont, @BenjiS60, @DvR, @Reva, @TheDD
South:@MCDoubleYou, @patro92, @pez84, @Teitiel
East:@alfredjun, @flogle, @jenny1702, @NMIGIZMO
West:@ctrlbreak, @Jaulusts, @suev, @Theresa7
Center:@Bierbo, @hanfman1950, @porbsi, @siegi, @Trangoul
Princess:@griesuuu, @gulaschsaft, @neub
Firefighter(in case of emergency):@moustacheCat
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Can't wait for another summer of #Ingress   Until then, nice memories here... :-)

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Scanner Update v1.44.0
Scanner v1.44.0 is being deployed to all Agents in the field. Visuals for individual items, Fielding, and neutralizing enemy Portals have been refreshed. And +IQTech Research's new Regional Score home screen widget displays the current Regional Score for your Cell at a glance, and reminds you when the next Checkpoint will occur.

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Das sieht sehr interessant aus!
Ingress v1.43.1 is now rolling out on Google Play. +IQTech Research has developed technology for the new Scanner update to monitor Regional Scores across 24,576 global Cells. Each Septicycle lasts 175 hours, with Mind Units recorded at Checkpoints every 5 hours. The Regional Score is the average MU recorded at the 35 Checkpoints in each Septicycle. 

Additionally, the Top 50 Agents in each Faction by MU captured are recognized each Septicycle, and Agents can browse a historical view of Regional Scores for each Cell. Information on the 8 adjacent Cells is also available to Agents.

Review internal documents leaked by the +Niantic Project here: Currently disclosable information from +NIA Ops can be found here:

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#Ingress   Scanner Update v1.43.0
Ingress Scanner v1.43.0 is now rolling out to all Agents. If you are not yet seeing it on Google Play, it should be available shortly. Show on Lockscreen allows Agents to quickly re-open Ingress without needing to unlock their screens. Visuals for Portal hacks have also been updated. 

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