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Follow me to see what's cooking in CSS!
Follow me to see what's cooking in CSS!

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EDM2OPI converter has been completed to be able to convert 95% of EDM features to BOY. In below picture, left side screen is an edm screen and right side is the converted BOY screen without any manual modification.

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Survey: Should a local pv has an initial value of zero or null?

Currently, the default value of a local pv in PVManager is null if the initial value is not given. For example: loc://test will have an initial value of null. loc://test(0) will have an initial value of 0. This results in some problems:
1. BOY doesn't know how to handle a connected pv with null value so far. What should it show to user? Another type of border? Will this expose unnecessary complexity to user? 
2. Users need to add initial value to all local PVs even in cases they don't care about the initial value, which add unnecessary burden to user.

So I would like to ask your opinion on this issue and please give a vote on it: should a local pv has an initial value of 0.0 or null?


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Want to protect your WebOPI? Authentication support has been added to WebOPI.You can protect the whole WebOPI site or only OPIs in a particular directory with password. You can provide user name and password either from preference file, LDAP server or Kerberos. See WebOPI help for more details. 

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SNS CSS 3.1.2 was released today! See What's new here: Please download the Basic EPICS version from:

Call for advice: Someone asked me about 3D graph in BOY, but I don't have enough experience with using EPICS to provide 3D graph data. If anyone has such experience, hope you can share with me.

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SNS CSS 3.1.1 was released! See what's new here:
In this version, BOY and WebOPI has been improved especially in user experience and performance. Try the latest WebOPI example here:

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Save WebOPI traffic by 10 times!

I just found with http compression, the WebOPI traffic can be saved by 10 times! Contemporary servlet engines provide transparently http compression. However, the methods used to enable this feature are container-specific. Here is an example for enable http compression on Tomcat, in conf/server.xml:

<Connector port="8080" 
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