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Tamim Sadikali
Upholder of Walayat, father, novelist, business analyst & (retired) software fraudster
Upholder of Walayat, father, novelist, business analyst & (retired) software fraudster
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Thoughts on Tom Holland's 'ISIS: The Origins of Violence'
“We hate you, first and foremost, because you are
disbelievers; you reject the oneness of Allah – whether you realise it or not.” From ‘Reasons why we hate you’, in Dabiq, issue 15.   There
is a scene at the start of Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings wh...

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On Suffrage
In a New
Statesman article from October 2014, Willard Foxton put the case for
the TV debates preceding the UK General Election to be more inclusive – in
particular, for them to accommodate the Green
Party . Despite the suspicion that the Greens bear the sti...

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Jihadi John and Chris Kyle: brothers in arms
So we all now know that Jihadi John , the infamous master of
masked ceremonies, is Mohammed Emwazi - a Kuwaiti-born West Londoner with ‘… anger-management issues .’ The revealing of his identity precipitated an intense debate  around how he should be viewed...

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Charlie Hebdo: crossing the Rubicon
“We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed,” declared the
attackers at the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo , as they executed 10
journalists and two police officers on 7 th January, 2015. Since Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa against the autho...

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Sofa Traumas - distress in a cushioned world
After having his morning coffee cum Twitter catch-up ruined by a photo of executed Syrian soldiers, +Jay Ulfelder  was prompted to ask – ‘ What are all these violent images doing to us ?’ Facetiousness aside, the question raised is entirely valid. The autho...

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On the 'Muslim Problem'...

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The Muslim Problem
In his siren call to the nation over the ' Muslim Problem ', Dan Hodges joins up the recent dots of British Muslim dishonour - "... Isil. Trojan Horse schools. Sex gangs. Tower Hamlets ..." - to draw a picture of a community in crisis. As a British Muslim, ...

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Islamic States
 “No one town or city is more suitable for you than another. The best of places is the one that bears you and provides for you.” Ali Ibn Abi Talib SA In his article , itself a response to another by Mehdi Hasan, Dilly Hussain writes that “ …it is prepostero...
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