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Kim Chiswell
An extra-ordinary woman following her dreams.
An extra-ordinary woman following her dreams.


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Riding the Storm
The good thing about storms is that they don’t last.
Eventually the sun comes out but sometimes there is damage left in its
wake.  To give an update on the previous
post, Vlad is doing very well and will get his sutures removed later this
week.  Unfortunate...

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The Gauze and the Goose
been way too long since I’ve added to this blog. I was recently encouraged and inspired
to start writing again. Please keep in mind this is a personal blog so what is
written is coming straight from my heart and my own personal feelings.  Running an an...

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THE Bite, The Final Chapter
It’s with great sadness that I start adding to the blog
again. I was recently inspired to write and had a whole different story
started. That will have to come later.  It’s any zookeeper’s (or barn or stable hand’s) worst
nightmare.  An electrical fire star...

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Brutally Honest
I often get comments like “I don’t know how you do it”.  The thing is, I don’t really know how either.
From the very beginning failure was not an option so sometimes it’s just a
matter of taking it all one day at a time. 
The average person has life outside...

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So it’s about time for another update on raising Bardou, the
coyote pup.  He’s 13 weeks old now (time
flies!) and quite the explorer.  There
are no bottles or cute little pups curling up in your lap. He is full of energy
with very sharp nails and even sharp...

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Opening the House part 2
Another open house is done and this one had a very weird
outcome.  It truly reminded me that
success is measured in so many different ways. 
This was perhaps the most organized we've ever been and everything went
very smoothly. Not that the others weren't o...

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Opening the house
It’s that time of year where I get easily distracted, stressed
and anxious. It’s time for our open house. In just a few days we will have a
few hundred people at our home. This isn't like some big party; most of these
people are total strangers. It is not a...

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Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou died today. I must confess that growing up I
didn’t pay much attention to her. That wasn’t about her specifically. I didn’t
like to read and I especially didn’t like poetry so I just didn’t have the
appreciation that I gained as an adult. 
For ...

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THE Bite, Part 3
I’ve now attempted to start this next part about 3 or 4
times but it’s proving to be very difficult to write. The early years were full
of extremes. At the time I lost my finger my parents had just split up after
over 20 years of marriage, I split up from m...

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THE Bite, Part 2
The hospital we went to was not able to do the surgery. I
had to be wrapped up and given lots of drugs then transported to another one.
Dave drove and we picked my mother up along way. When we walked in it was like
my 15 minutes of fame. Everyone was talkin...
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