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Beautiful laughters are all around from the lovely people of Samoa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.
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I’m excited.
We’re about to launch our On-Line Photo Library, having uploaded thousand of photographs of the South Pacific, South-East Asia, The Middle East and South Africa. We’re starting with the images I’ve shot over more than a decade of wandering around as a professional tourism photographer and I’m expecting it to quickly grow to become the largest photo library ever created on the South Pacific (... and eventually the world, he adds somewhat ambitiously). It’s a big idea at a time when large stock libraries like Getty are gobbling up photo libraries around the world and selling images cheaper than ever, but we’ll be working on a leaner, meaner business model aimed at servicing the demands in our region with high quality, reasonably priced images that can be downloaded without too much fuss.
So, click the follow button if you’re even vaguely interested in travel photography and get ready to see the best of our images flying across your devices. We’ll also be sharing tips on photography, some first-hand advice on the best places to stay, and I’ll be making recommendations on some of the amazing things you can do when you’re travelling the region……like swimming with these Stingrays in Tahiti - (I’ll add a post a little later).
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