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Brittney Biddle
Wife, Mother, Caregiver, Blogger
Wife, Mother, Caregiver, Blogger
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In this life we face the reality of being hurt by those we put trust in. We put faith into a relationship giving someone the power to treat us as we would them or to destroy what we invested. How often does this happen. I am beginning to realize that I went...

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A 2011 4th of July Post...
I remember the first 4th of July that my husband and I spent apart that I
actually went out without him. We had been apart before this year for
this holiday, but I stayed at our apartment in Germany. In 2007 he was
in Mosul, Iraq stationed at FOB Marez, ...

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Riding on the Beach
Right before Bre turned 13, I wanted to make it a special birthday for her. I mean, 13 is a special age for a girl as she is officially entering the teenage world. Fifteen months later, I found myself bringing in Caitlin's 13th birthday. Not too sure where ...

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Welcome 2016
As with every New Year, we find ourselves searching for the perfect resolution. We strive to become something we are too often not versus just making ourselves better. We make promises to the outside world, instead of just simply looking within ourselves. W...

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From Prison to Parole and now Probation
So sum up this past year... it has truly been one hell of a year. It has been a year full of loss, emotions that I never knew existed, struggles within my family, health issues, and other things. I have struggled. I have fallen. But, I always find ways to p...

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Wanting to Write Again
I was just looking at my blog and postings and realized I have almost 90 posts that are in the draft section. Does anyone else do this? I have come to realize, especially after my NYC trip and working with mentors with The Writers Guild of America, that I o...

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Let's be the Change...
Last night we learned that a girl our daughters attended school with
passed away to suicide. Caitlin knew this little girl through
extracurricular activities and has been devastated since hearing about
it.  My heart broke for her and all of the kids that...

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Just Missing Her...
I wasn't going to share this, but then decided I would. I want to write/blog more. I want to share my vulnerable side again, showing that I am not always strong. This is me. This is who I am. My heart was shattered when my Grandmother passed and I am still ...

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Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected
In 2010, I found myself clinging to post that Kayla shared, every word that was in her blog...praying and anxiously waiting for her next update in regards to how her, Jeff and Scarlette were holding up. I first met Kayla during our freshman year of high sch...

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