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Today Robolid 2012 starts, the robotics competition at Universidad de Valladolid [ESP]:

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Is there a place where you can find monuments, lights and fun but it has to be re-built every year? Welcome to Harbin, China.

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"The only way on earth to multiply happiness is to divide it" (Paul Scherer)

If this year you've got to multiply your happiness, you can be satisfied, otherwise you have other 366 days to achieve. Happy new year 2012!

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May the storm last longer, the sun will end up shining.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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For the Chinese people even abandoned amusement parks must be gigantic and excessive. Do you imagine to spend one night alone in this fairground?

PS: Any similarities to other amusements parks are a mere coincidence. ;)

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Great moments in Real Madrid v F.C. Barcelona Classics:

Real Madrid Vs BArcelona Classics fights peleas Soccer #madridbarça

En estos momentos, España no puede permitirse ignorar a los emprendedores. Diez medidas con mucho sentido común:

Hay muchos protocolos de identificación inseguros (y no me refiero precisamente a los digitales)... Te pueden suplantar solo con utilizar cartas robadas de tu buzón:

Algo raro ocurre cuando los chinos tienen que darnos consejos de economía...

Huaxi: Una ciudad donde todos son ricos, en China.
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