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What will happen in ASEAN in 2015?
I think to understand the AEC you need a degree in international business. It's complicated. It's an "economic" community so economic and business terminology was used when designing the AEC. It was designed by business experts and not politicians. This is ...

Why is it when I read most people's research paper, I have to do research on the research in the paper that I'm reading just to understand it? Of all the research that is done in the world for whatever reason, if it was all quality work, shouldn't there be amazing breakthroughs in problems the world is dealing with on a daily basis? Looking at the global state of society, the world sucks at research. 

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The Impact of ASEAN Integration-It’s all in the numbers!
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) decided in 1997 to
transform ASEAN into a stable, prosperous, and highly competitive region with
equitable economic development, and reduce poverty and socio-economic
disparities by the year 2020. In 2007, ...

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The AEC is not ASEAN: The AEC is One-Third of ASEAN
When people think of ASEAN, they automatically think of the ASEAN
Economic Community (AEC). Most people think ASEAN is the AEC and the AEC is
ASEAN. Most seem to ignore the fact that ASEAN is not only made up of the AEC
but also the ASEAN Political Security...

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The ASEAN Declaration (In my own words) Part 2
Part 2 of The ASEAN Declaration looks at the what was actually declared on August 8th, 1967 with the very first point being...."ASEAN is established." Point number 2 was a bit more detailed with 7 different aims and purposes of ASEAN. ASEAN wanted what ever...

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The ASEAN Declaration (In my own words)

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Me playing with PowerPoint
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