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Karra Shimabukuro
Demonologist. Folklorist. Medievalist. Early Modernist.
Demonologist. Folklorist. Medievalist. Early Modernist.


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What a Difference a Year Makes
Yesterday I met with my director, a check in meeting after a month, to see where the dissertation was. I was not worried about the meeting, because she'd sent me the diss with her notes before the meeting to read. Her email included the sentence "I am very ...

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Medievalists Need To Do Better: Some Thoughts on How We Choose Our Conference Spaces
Medieval studies is not doing so well. In the last year or so, as a field, we've been faced with rampant misogyny, racism, white-washing, and appropriation. And as a collective group, we have not responded well. We have been angry. We have ignored what it i...

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The Syllabus of Me
I was on Twitter way past my bedtime last night, for not great reasons. But I am grateful for encountering this tweet: A friend RTed it. What an amazing idea. Not for someone to do for their field, although that would be an interesting exercise for scholars...

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Ideas for This is Not a Memoir
My MA program, despite all its bullshit, was creative. People brought guitars. Designed t-shirts. And every week we had readings- Blue Parlor in Vermont, Blue Mesa in Santa Fe. Every week people signed up to read things they'd written- poetry, short stories...

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What the PhD Has Cost Me and Other Musings
I flew home to NC the other weekend for one of my oldest friend's 40th birthday. It was a surprise his wife and I cooked up, and while it was a whirlwind (flew in Friday afternoon, flew out Monday morning) it was lovely. It's been 6? 7? years since I saw th...

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Rethinking Course Design
My high school district would not accept my seven years of teaching online, online certification, and experience designing courses in both Moodle and Blackboard. Instead, in order to be "qualified" to teach online classes for them, I had to enroll in a mont...

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Not Ready To Give Up. Or Am I?
The other day, Kelly J. Baker's ( @ kelly_j_baker ) latest book, Grace Period came out. I follow Baker on Twitter, and really enjoy her work, the variety, the style, and she posted about the book release so I went and bought it.

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Prepping for the Job Market Fall 2017 Edition
It's only June, but already the phrase JOB MARKET is starting to be whispered in the dark. It is said in a sibilant voice, darkly menacing. It can be a trying, stressful, awful time for people. I have a job teaching high school full time, so my position is ...

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Grad Student Use of Blogging and Social Media in the Dissertating Process: A Resource
More and more graduate students I know, or are in my extended social media network, are using social media and blogging in their dissertating process. We use it to network on Twitter, we blog about the process and experience of grad school in general, and s...

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The Katherine Group and Tattoo Theory
My paper for the International Congress of Medieval Studies, and accompanying presentation, focused on a duality of narratives- comparing the narrative of my tattoos with St. Katherine's torture as narrative. Applying sociological theory of tattoos, most no...
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