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Hey guys, I printed some upgrades to the C1 recently as stock parts started to come undone due to abuse.

So couple of issues all interlinked.

I broke my extruder so I bought a replacement but all of the replacement extruders are shorter. Now what this means is that the fan (stock) is cooling the extruder faster than the heating element can heat the block so I get heating error. Anyone come across a solution to this?

To overcome the issue I moved the Fan to the top so it just cooled down the top of the shorter extruder but then the extruder gets too hot and starts to melt the eflector plate that I printed for the mod. Which leaves me with the below disaster.

So i'm basically asking - has anyone printed and used the modified eflector plate with a shorter extruder and not had issues? Or have oversome the issues?

Note 1: Eflector plate printed in PLA
Note 2: Second Fan turned off to get it to heat up enough but even one fan is stopping it heating and only got to the below mess by turning off both fans with any fan on it won't heat up and I get temp error

Currently stuck not printing and I'm getting itchy!

Hey guys, need replacement parts for my C1 - Anyone got any contact details for Micromake? I need individual build parts and can't see them on Ali Express!

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Hey guys, what settings do ye use in cura? Mine uploaded below btu not sure they are the best! All good for small calibration cubes etc. but when I go to longer prints I start having issues so want to see what ye are all using
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Hey guys, whats the best bed adhesion for the C1? Masking tape? or Glue? I can't get glue to work and have slim to little success with masking tape depending on the brand

Need help:

X-Y rocking problem.

Can't get the rocking to stop!

Belts can't be tightened any more. If I pull in the brackets then the printer can't print parts over 10 cm.

Help please?
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