How the evolving culture influences a social network such as Google+

Both articles from +Eli Fennell and +Christian Schlobach are very insightful and in itself a nice showcase of a "Long conversation" on Google+. Even including the different approaches of referencing and sharing!

Funny enough, this conversation immediately reminded me of Sherry Turkle. I read her books "The Second Self" (1984) and "Life on the Screen" (1995) when they got published decades ago.

Just discovered her newest book "Alone Together" (2011) which is about ... social networks.

I do not see her on Google+ - yet?! I would much more like to circle her than +George Takei ;-)

Via +Mike Elgan 

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The Long Conversation and the Cultural Self-Organization of Google
by +Christian Schlobach

I meant to share the article below in my last post... it was a share, with added content, of my earlier post.  It demonstrates, quite well, the principle of the "Long Conversation", where the author builds on my earlier post with his own compelling take on the culture of Google+.
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